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Sustainability Policy

CH2M is committed to improving the economic and social quality of human life while preserving the environment for future generations. We view our work through a sustainability lens and use our technical expertise to solve the world’s complex Water-Energy-Food-Environment nexus challenges. We embrace this commitment to sustainability in the context of our core belief that long-term success comes from creating value for clients, owner-employees and communities. To this end, we strive to adhere to the following principles.

In the service of our clients, we will:

  • Provide the best counsel available on the application of sustainable practice to help our clients meet their objectives, and commit ourselves to the pursuit of continuous learning and mastery of new technologies and methods to make sustainable solutions feasible and practical.
  • Partner with clients wherever possible to share with others the learning gained from new sustainable solutions to apply that learning to the difficult challenges our clients face.
  • Develop solutions for clients that balance environmental and social benefits while managing costs and risks in accordance with the U.N. Global Compact’s precautionary principle.

In the operation of our firm, we will:

  • Seek economically feasible opportunities to apply sustainable development concepts to reduce the use of toxic materials and energy, conserve natural resources and water, and minimize waste and emissions.
  • Encourage the adoption of sustainable practices by our suppliers and seek partnerships with those suppliers that share our objectives.
  • Create workplaces for our employees that are safe, healthy, and functional and that embody diversity, fairness, and the highest level of ethical business conduct.
  • Develop, adopt and continuously improve metrics to measure and monitor our progress in achieving our goals, including application of a formal Environmental Management System (EMS) in multiple regions and as appropriate.

In participation with other stakeholders, we will:

  • Seek opportunities to advance the principles of sustainability as we work with communities, governments and non-governmental and professional organizations.
  • Volunteer time, donate funds, and contribute in-kind gifts to support worthy causes in the communities where we live and work. Supply leadership and executive guidance to help strengthen and sustain charitable organizations.
  • Encourage the next generation of sustainability problem-solvers in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math.

The undersigned pledge our leadership, commitment and accountability for making this policy a reality at CH2M.

Jacque Hinman
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer