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Health and safety

Being safe every day is not just our goal. It's what we live for.

A safety moment on a project site
Little Safety Book

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Everyone comes home safely, every day on every project.

That’s the standard we set for ourselves. We look out for each other through an intensive, nonstop focus on safety, well-being, security and environmental impacts, in the office or out in the field, at work and at home. Our HSE policy is part of our management systems approach to implementing health and safety. Our executive leaders promote a culture of health and safety and expect employees to take responsibility for their own behavior and those around them. As a result, we have lower-than-industry-average recordable incidents and have earned awards for our safety performance.

Deeply embedded in our training and every project, Target Zero means we strive for zero safety incidents, injuries and adverse environmental impacts. By infusing our Target Zero culture for all our work family members valuing HSE performance and taking responsibility for their own behavior and for the behavior of their colleagues we establish a standard for incident prevention into all our projects, and we help manage risk for our clients, too! Target Zero is also central to our office safety and ergonomics program, as well as environmental compliance. During June, we celebrate Safety Month, to highlight key company safety initiatives and Lessons Learned for our work family members to continue and reinforce their focus on injury prevention to prevent similar occurrences. Our Intranet library helps our work family members stay informed and maintain their safety focus. To herald our Target Zero achievements, we present HSE awards and share these accomplishments throughout the company.

Our online tracking system monitors HSE performance and enables managers to review the program's effectiveness. All employees are expected to work safely; protect the environment; comply with HSE policies, procedures and training requirements; report unsafe work conditions and actions; and report all HSE incidents, including near misses.

Our formal HSE management system, based on the American National Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ANSI Z10-2012), is integrated into all of our offices and projects. The Plan, Do, Check, Act continual improvement cycle of our HSE management system is applied to identify the potential hazards, implement the appropriate programs to control the hazards, and audit the activities ted for compliance with program implementation and legal requirements, suitability and effectiveness.

Every work family member, from executive leadership, senior management, technical and administrative staff all have a role and responsibility for embracing our Target Zero culture. Our Chairman/CEO and Corporate Leadership Council (CLC) provides the vision and directs the HSE Policy expectation throughout the company. The VP, HSSEQ establishes the strategic direction and program initiatives. Each Business Unit President leads a Target Zero Leadership Team provides the means and resources to implement and sustain the program.

The many HSE staff serve as the technical resources to provide guidance and support to those in our offices and projects. Our work family members may also take on roles such as safety coordinators and emergency responders at our offices and projects, serving as front-line resources to implement elements of the Target Zero program and provide assistance in the event of an emergency.

Although CH2M's project management office at Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility does not administer the facility’s safety program, its entire staff is extremely supportive of the City’s efforts at nurturing our own vibrant safety culture.

As with all CH2M meetings, the Riverside office begins meetings with a health & safety moment, and typical "hard hat" construction safety is merely one facet of their genuine concern for safety awareness both on, and off, the job.

From every project’s conception to completion, maintaining human safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. It’s a pleasure to partner with an organization whose professionals share such solid core values.

Michael F. Coster
Operations Superintendent, Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility, Spokane, WA

I am proud of being part of a company that has a solid foundation of protecting our people and the environment. Protecting our work family and the environment is important for our clients, our communities and our company.

Britt Howard
Vice President, Director of Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality

In its entirety, the company’s organization serves our work family to support, promote, and foster a culture within CH2M that empowers employees to drive this value throughout all global operations to achieve excellence in health, safety, and environment performance.

We complete periodic ergonomics evaluations, and employees may request ergonomics support at any time online or by phone to receive assistance with work station adjustments, needed equipment or alleviating discomfort.