Everyone comes home safely, every day on every project

That’s the standard we set for ourselves. We look out for each other, capturing our people’s hearts and minds through an intensive, non-stop focus on safety, well-being, security and environmental impacts, in the office or out in the field, at work and at home.

Target Zero is our educational and operational program to make it real. Target Zero is deeply embedded in our training and in every project we take on, and its name says it all: we strive for zero safety incidents, zero injuries, and zero adverse environmental impacts. That isn't just important—it’s also right for business. By infusing our culture of awareness and incident prevention into all our projects, we help manage risk for our clients, too.

Being safe every day is not just a goal at CH2M, it’s what we live for.

Although the CH2M Project Management Office at Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility is not tasked with administering the facility’s safety program, its entire staff has always been extremely supportive of the City’s efforts at nurturing its own vibrant safety culture. Emblematic of CH2M’s ‘safety first’ orientation is their practice of beginning meetings with a ‘safety moment’, in which a wide variety of safety related topics are discussed, and it is important to note that typical ‘hard hat’ construction safety is merely one facet of their genuine concern for safety awareness both on, and off, the job. From every project’s conception, through its completion, the theme of maintaining human safety is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. It’s a pleasure to partner with an organization whose professionals share such solid core values.

Michael F. Coster
Operations Superintendent, Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility
Spokane, WA

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