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Health, Safety and Environment Policy Commitment

Protection of people and the environment is a CH2M core value. It is our vision to create a culture that empowers employees to drive this value into all global operations and achieve excellence in health, safety, and environment (HSE) performance. We foster a culture of collaborative effort between management, supervisors and employees by constantly looking for ways to improve our program and address unanticipated health and safety issues.

CH2M deploys an integrated, enterprise-wide behavior based HSE management system to fulfill our mission and the expectations of our clients, staff, and communities based on the following principles:

  • We require all management and supervisory personnel to provide the leadership and resources to inspire and empower our employees to take responsibility for their actions and for their fellow employees to prevent injuries, illnesses, and adverse environmental impacts, and create a safe, healthy, and environmentally-responsible workplace.
  • We provide value to clients by tailoring HSE processes to customer needs and requiring CH2M employees and subcontractors to deliver projects that identify HSE requirements and commit to compliance with applicable HSE laws and regulations, company standards, and external requirements.
  • We are committed to pollution prevention in conjunction with our Sustainability Policy and by offering our clients sustainable solutions.
  • We aspire to continually improve our performance and influence others to redefine world-class HSE excellence.
  • We evaluate our design engineering and physical work environment to verify safe work conditions and practices are established, followed, and corrected as needed.
  • We assess and continually improve our HSE program to achieve and maintain world-class performance by setting and reviewing objectives and targets, reporting performance metrics, and routinely evaluating our program.
  • We are committed to improving Worker Welfare standards throughout our own operations and through offering our clients real, implementable solutions to address Worker Welfare concerns.
  • We expect all employees to embrace our Target Zero culture, share our core value for the protection of people and the environment, understand their obligations, actively participate, take responsibility, and "walk the talk" on and off the job.

The undersigned pledge our leadership, commitment, and accountability for making this policy a reality at CH2M.

Dated the 24th day of April 2017

  • Jacqueline Hinman
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Gary McArthur
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Shelie Gustafson
    Chief Human Resource Officer
  • Lisa Glatch
    Executive Vice President, Client Solutions and Sales
  • Greg McIntyre
    President, State and Local Governments Client Sector
  • Tom McCoy
    General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
  • Terry Ruhl
    President, National Governments Client Sector
  • Carlo Orsenigo
    Executive Vice President, Global Project Services
  • Matthew Sutton
    President, Private Client Sector
  • Britt Howard
    Vice President and Director, Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Quality