Jacqueline Hinman

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Englewood,Colorado-United States

Malcolm Brinded

Independent Director and Chairman, Shell Foundation

Jerry Geist

Independent Director and Chairman, Santa Fe Center Enterprises, Inc.

Lisa Glatch

Executive Vice President of Growth & Sales
Englewood,Colorado-United States

Shelie Gustafson

Chief Human Resources Officer
Englewood,Colorado-United States

Charles Holliday, Jr.

Independent Director and Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell, plc

W. Blakely Jeffcoat

Senior Vice President, Water

Scott Kleinman

Independent Director and Private Equity Lead Partner of Apollo Global Management, LLC

Gary L. McArthur

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Englewood,Colorado-United States

Tom McCoy

Executive Vice President of Legal
Washington,District Of Columbia-United States

Gregory T. McIntyre

President, State & Local Governments Client Sector
Englewood,Colorado-United States

Antoine G. Munfakh

Independent Director and Partner of Apollo Global Management, LLC

Georgia Nelson

Independent Director and President & Chief Executive Officer of PTI Resources, LLC

Carlo Orsenigo

Executive Vice President of Project Services
Mexico City-Mexico

Thomas L. Pennella

President, Industrial & Urban Environments

Terry A. Ruhl

President, National Governments Client Sector
Englewood,Colorado-United States

Matthew Sutton

President, Private Client Sector
Englewood,Colorado-United States

Jan Walstrom

Senior Vice President and Operations Director, U.S. Civilian Agencies
Englewood,Colorado-United States

Barry L. Williams

Independent Director and Managing General Partner of Williams Pacific Ventures, Inc. (retired)