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Julian Sandino

Global Practice Director

Thanks to industrialization and urbanization, the way we manage and even think about wastewater has evolved.

While we didn’t invent today’s modern sewerage systems, we understand that water even wastewater is a precious resource and not something we should simply dispose of; and therefore, we take the total water cycle into consideration when engineering solutions and developing cutting-edge technologies to collect, reclaim and reuse wastewater. 

What others might still consider waste, we see as a resource. In a capital-constrained and resource-constrained world, this is more important than ever. Utilities, industries and water-scarce regions that are implementing water reuse schemes and water systems capable of recovering energy, carbon and nutrients – like Australia’s Kooragang Island Water Scheme or Denmark’s Ejby Molle net-positive energy wastewater treatment plant – recognize the value of conserving water, optimizing their operations and reducing their energy and carbon footprint.  

Since 2006, Engineering News-Record (ENR) has ranked CH2M as the #1 overall design firm in Sewer/Wastewater Treatment and #2 in its Top 225 International Design Firms for Sewerage and Solid Waste, as well as Wastewater Treatment Plants.


By providing cost-effective and sustainable wastewater solutions, we're helping to address the world’s water-energy nexus and pushing modern sanitation forward to ensure more people have access to clean water and a healthier environment.

  • Wastewater treatment/reclamation 
  • Residuals resource recovery management
  • Natural treatment systems
  • Wet weather flow treatment
  • Air quality, odor control and safety management
  • Integrated resource recovery 
  • Master and facility planning
  • Pilot testing and scale-up
  • Feasibility studies
  • Conceptual design
  • Detail design
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Cost estimating
  • Project management
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Operations and management
  • Permitting

Clients & Projects

Design Build

By collaborating across the full cycle of delivering a project, CH2M saves clients time and budget thanks to the design-build delivery model

Pima County

Pima County Agua Nueva Water Reclamation Facility >

An innovative public-private partnership creates an affordable source of ‘new water’ – unlocking new ways to nurture desert communities and conserve the world’s natural resources. Taking an integrated approach, CH2M delivered Pima County’s award-winning Agua Nueva Water Reclamation Facility, one of the world’s most advanced water reclamation facilities, on time and under budget using the design-build-operate delivery model. Learn more >


Gippsland Water Factory

First of its kind in Australia, this innovative wastewater treatment and recycling system treats both domestic and industrial wastewater and produces high-quality recycled water for use by local industry. Recycled water benefits local industry, environment and community. 


Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant >

A greenfield wastewater treatment plant is providing a new standard of effluent quality within the City of Calgary. CH2M incorporated a triple bottom line approach to balance environmental, social and economic needs in the project’s innovative design. Learn more >


Singapore’s Changi NEWater Factory

Thanks to using a design-build delivery approach, the Changi NEWater Factory in Singapore was completed in 24 months. NEWater – Singapore’s own brand of high-quality reclaimed drinking water – from this plant nearly doubles Singapore’s NEWater capacity and fulfills approximately 15 percent of the country’s current water needs. The project won the Global Water Award for Water Reuse Project of the Year in 2010.

Our design-build-operate model encouraged collaboration and innovation throughout the project, delivering innovative technologies and creative solutions to challenges, ensuring a highly successful project for our client.


Jennifer Phillips

Operations and Management

A unique advantage of CH2M is the availability of experienced, in-house resources with long-term, hands-on experience operating and managing all types of urban and industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities. Approaching each project with lifecycle implications of design decisions in mind, CH2M provides solutions that optimize existing systems, operations and infrastructure for greater efficiency and lower operating costs.


Fayetteville, Arkansas >

A partnership that inspires each other to be gamechangers by unlocking new ways of working and transforming a city into a sustainability leader. Leading the sector of sustainable environmental policy, Fayetteville and CH2M represent a model for other communities to emulate.

North Hudson

North Hudson Sewerage

CH2M was selected to operate and maintain the North Hudson Sewage Authority’s wastewater treatment plant and is always working to exceed expectations by increasing efficiency of the wastewater system, reducing the costs of sludge hauling and lifting a ban on new sewer connections to allow for new development on the Hoboken waterfront. 

City of Cincinnati

Metropolitan Sewer District of Cincinnati

The CH2M team put our heads together with leaders from the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati to develop and implement an organization strategic plan that helped MSD address regulatory, efficiency, infrastructure and maintenance requirements. We helped the MSD reach its full potential by developing and executing an asset-centric strategic plan to meet rigorous regulatory requirements and address its workforce, service level and financial needs.

CH2M has demonstrated to our city their commitment to this contract, their passion for services they provide and quality of work that is second to none. They are such an integrated part of our team, I couldn’t imagine not having their talent and expertise working on behalf of our city and our citizens. We look forward to this relationship continuing for many more years into the future.


Don Marr

Program Management

As the industry’s top-rated program management firm according to ENR, CH2M serves clients faced with the challenge of delivering large water infrastructure programs. Through the disciplined systematic orchestration of people, time, money and information, CH2M delivers reduced costs, improved schedule performance, improved quality, risk sharing and staffing flexibility to help clients reach their strategic and operational goals. 

Toronto infrastructure

Toronto Basement Flooding Program

In the wake of a massive 2005 flood, the City of Toronto began a significant effort to define appropriate flood mitigation solutions in its Basement Flooding Remediation Program. CH2M is managing the program, which involves design and construction of 72 infrastructure assignments.  

Atotonilco wastewater treatment plant

Atotonilco Wastewater Treatment Plant

As program manager for the construction of the 3,000 ML/d Atotonilco Wastewater Treatment Plant, one of the world’s biggest wastewater treatment plants, CH2M is helping Mexico City implement wastewater treatment that will clean almost 60 percent of metropolitan Mexico City’s wastewater.

Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme (STEP)

Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme (STEP)

As program manager for the USD$1.09 billion Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme, CH2M is overseeing the delivery of a 40-kilometer-long sewer tunnel, new link sewers and pumping stations for the Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company. When completed, the tunnel will help alleviate increased pressure on the existing system as population in the region continues to rise.

Design and Consulting

Creating innovative, integrated solutions that not only address the global water challenge, but also balance social, economic and environmental priorities, CH2M brings a unique perspective.Ranked number one in Engineering Design by ENR, CH2M’s world-class designers creatively solve the most complex water challenges for clients around the world, bringing our innovative and gamechanging ideas to play.


Wilson Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

CH2M conceptualized an innovative approach and provided design and construction services, including operations support, at the North Texas Municipal Water District’s Wilson Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. The facility is the first full-scale treatment plant in the world permitted for the BIOACITFLO® process and set precedence on how regulators approach wet weather.

sewer corrosion

Sewer Corrosion and Odor Research

CH2M joined a collaborative team of research partners and water utilities to evaluate ways to maximize the service life of sewer networks in a proactive approach by providing utilities with a better understanding of in-sewer processes that lead to sewer corrosion and odor issues. The research adds to the industry’s understanding of corrosion and odor management.


Clayton County Natural Treatment Systems 

With populations growing, Clayton County turned to innovative water reuse alternatives to meet water supply demands. CH2M implemented constructed wetlands, demonstrating a total water management approach to recycling Clayton County’s treated wastewater – lowering the county’s need for additional reservoir storage and water withdrawals. 

resource recovery project

Resource Recovery and Electrical Energy R2E2 Project

We're providing consulting services to the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District for its R2E2 Project, which will recover resources and generate electricity using advanced wastewater technologies like anaerobic digsters for biogas production, generators for electrical energy generation, fluid-bed incinerators for heat recovery and more. GBMSD has shifted its way of thinking to view what comes from its facility not as a waste, but rather as a resource to be recovered and reused.