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Raja Kadiyala

Global Practice Director

Utilities, public works organizations, cities, and other government agencies look to CH2M for intelligent water solutions capable of providing insight into their operations; opportunities to utilize their resources more efficiently and improve their customer service, infrastructure security, back-end information systems, and service delivery/effectiveness.

CH2M’s intelligent water solutions allow our clients to make the most of what they have or do more with less. Around the world, CH2M has helped clients protect their assets, improve efficiency within their organizations, make wise decisions, and more fully leverage their existing information systems.


Harnessing the power of technology and connectivity, CH2M provides services to transform big data into actionable information that helps utilities address increasing regulatory pressures, aging workforces, failing infrastructure, and climate change.

​By taking the guess work out of what’s really happening within a water system, utilities gain the knowledge they need to optimize performance and make rapid decisions to keep our world safe and improve the efficiency of our water networks. 

  • Facility automation
  • Master planning
  • SCADA design 
  • Integrated security and emergency preparedness
  • Smart grid 
  • Real-time data integration and visualization
  • Water information management

Clients & Projects

Design and Consulting

Creating innovative, integrated solutions that not only address the global water challenge, but balance social, economic, and environmental priorities, CH2M brings a unique perspective. 


U.S. EPA Contamination Warning System 

The U.S. EPA’s Water Security Initiative addresses the risk of intentional contamination of the nation’s drinking water distribution systems. Under this initiative, CH2M successfully implemented full-scale Contamination Warning Systems in five U.S. cities. The systems provide multiple benefits to drinking water utilities, including public safety and improved water quality management.


Greater Cincinnati Water Works 

CH2M and the City of Cincinnati are collaborating on developing sustainable connectivity solutions leveraging machine-to-machine and smart technologies that will help identify problems with water quality and give Cincinnati and other water utilities the right information they need to better manage water supplies. Ken Thompson shares more.

contamination warning system

Philadelphia Water Department’s Surveillance and Response System 

Fifteen white papers have been developed to disseminate the knowledge gained from the Philadelphia Water Department’s project to develop a comprehensive Contamination Warning System (CWS, now called Surveillance and Response System – SRS), which can be used by the broader drinking water utility community.


West Point Wastewater Treatment Plant Control System Upgrade

The West Point Wastewater Treatment Plant is one of the largest plants in the Northwest with extreme flow changes due to rain events, which can increase flow by 400 mgd over 4 hours. CH2M designed and provided on-site implementation coordination services to upgrade the facility’s control system, which included successfully replacing the old programmable logic controller system with current technology, while maintaining uninterrupted operation.

Program Management


DC Water

As program manager, CH2M is helping develop and implement a comprehensive asset management program that encompasses DC Water’s vast water and wastewater system. Putting the ISO 55000 Asset Management Standard into action, this program will improve business processes, asset reliability, and training to facilitate organizational development and knowledge transfer to the utility’s staff.