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Ken Martins

Non Energy Markets Global Practice Director

Samir Davé

Oil, Gas & Chemicals Global Practice Director

Just like individuals and communities require water supplies to function, industries that produce chemicals, gasoline, electrical power and minerals all need reliable water supplies to operate and manufacture goods.

Water scarcity, changing regulations, and the need for improved water quality pose ever-stricter limits on industrial pollutants, which is why CH2M is working with clients to develop more effective industrial water and wastewater treatment technologies.

We understand the need to balance the three pillars of sustainability—people, planet and profit—and by infusing this mentality into the equation, CH2M has helped numerous clients identify alternative water supplies for industrial uses that do not require water of the same quality as drinking water.

From designing a power plant in New York that reuses municipal secondary effluent for process cooling to managing a water scheme in Australia to deliver effluent to industrial users and designing and operating a wastewater treatment plant at an oil refinery in Bahrain, CH2M is leading the industry in industrial water reuse—helping reduce the amount of freshwater being used for industrial applications.


As the world demands more clean water, and regulations mandate more precaution to maintain a healthy environment, CH2M is changing the game by reducing industry’s reliance on our world’s freshwater supplies.

Leading innovation in more effective industrial water and wastewater treatment technologies in mining, upstream oil and gas, downstream oil and gas, power and industrial sectors, we're addressing some of the world’s most complex water challenges.


  • Water resource management
  • Water quality compliance
  • Water treatment
  • Mine remediation and closure
  • Materials handling
  • Resource separation and concentration

Upstream Oil & Gas

  • Water sourcing
  • Collection
  • Conveyance
  • Treatment infrastructure
  • Municipal wastewater treatment/recovery system design and construction
  • Produced water treatment/recovery system design and construction
  • Water delivery infrastructure 

Downstream Oil & Gas

  • Process water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Recycle and reuse


  • Wastewater treatment; new designs and system modifications
  • Water treatment systems
  • Water and wastewater recycle and reuse
  • Conveyance and water intake design

Clients & Projects


Creating innovative, integrated solutions that not only address the global water challenge, but balance social, economic, and environmental priorities, CH2M brings a unique perspective.  

Energy Water Initiative Report 

CH2M prepared the U.S. Onshore Unconventional Exploration and Production Water Management Case Studies report for U.S. oil and natural gas companies, as part of the Energy Water Initiative. The report includes 12 case studies that illustrate the diverse, regional water resource challenges faced by the energy industry, as well as innovative, gamechanging technologies for produced water treatment that improve the lifecycle water use and management within the industry. 

mining site

Water Treatment and Sludge Management Planning for Mine Closure

CH2M develops and implements sustainable closure plans for our clients in the mining industry, and as part of a master plan for post-closure of mine waters and sludge, we performed a post-closure water management study. To estimate closure costs, our unique approach considered the site’s existing pipelines, the amount of power required to move water and sludge, as well as the infrastructure and staff needed to run the facilities. The study helped the client establish a foundation for initiating feasibility-level design of a comprehensive closure plan.


Ranked number one in Engineering Design by ENR, CH2M’s world class designers creatively solve the most complex water challenges for clients around the world, bringing our innovative and gamechanging ideas to play. 

Pond-based flue gas wastewater treatment plant

Compliance Strategies for the Power Industry

As a result of tightening regulations, CH2M developed an innovative compliance strategy and led its implementation from conceptual design, through design and startup, for a pond-based flue gas desulphurization wastewater treatment plant to meet mercury limits. Modifying the system resulted in significantly lower capital expenditure and operations and maintenance costs than a tank-based system to meet a 12 ppt mercury effluent limit. 

capabilities-bapco-thumbnail (1).jpg

Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO)

The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) refinery recently completed construction and installation of a US$120-million wastewater treatment plant. The facility was designed to align with BAPCO’s environmental strategic plan and is the first global installation of this size in a refinery wastewater treatment plant. 


Hunter Water Kooragang Island Water Scheme

Hunter Water brings new pipeline online to deliver recycled water for industrial use. CH2M, as part of the Hunter Treatment Alliance, in partnership with Lend Lease and Hunter Water Corporation, designed, constructed, and then commissioned the Kooragang Industrial Water Scheme—the largest recycled water project undertaken by the region which will secure future water supplies in the lower Hunter region through industrial water reuse.

Tightening wastewater discharge regulations and water supply issues are taxing the power-generation industry. By providing strategies and cost effective water and wastewater solutions to our clients, we’re helping to ensure facilities have reliable water supplies and operate in compliance with current and future requirements.


Mike Bobinecz

Design and Construction Management

We often pair design with project and construction management to support our clients every step of the way to their success.

Mine Water Treatment and Sludge Management Systems

From feasibility-level design through detailed design and construction, CH2M delivered a greenfield mine water treatment and sludge management system to meet the ever evolving permit discharge limits. We worked closely with our client to overcome engineering challenges, driven by harsh climate conditions, to deliver a system capable of treating 14,000 gallons per minute of tailings water and discharging the effluent into a local river.  

coal-fire plant wastewater treatment facility

Wastewater Treatment for Coal-Fired Power Plant

CH2M designed and supported construction activities for a wastewater treatment system—enabling a coal-fired plant to change from pond-based treatment to a physical/chemical based system. Designed to adapt to evolving regulations, the system will treat the wastewater effluent to tighter discharge standards.

Global demand drives the mining and minerals sectors, and the industry’s facing increasing regulatory, stakeholder, and community pressures. Globally, these issues directly impact a company’s ability to successfully open and operate mining and minerals operations. We understand these challenges and are uniquely qualified to help you overcome them.


Phil Benson

Program Management and Operations Management

As the industry’s top-rated program/project management firm according to Engineering News-Record, CH2M serves clients faced with the challenge of delivering large water infrastructure programs. Through the disciplined systematic orchestration of people, time, money, and information, CH2M delivers reduced costs, improved schedule performance, improved quality, risk sharing and staffing flexibility to help clients reach your strategic and operational goals.


Gippsland Water Factory

First of its kind in Australia, this innovative wastewater treatment and recycling system treats both domestic and industrial wastewater and produces high-quality recycled water for use by local industry. Recycled water benefits local industry, environment and community.

Operations Management

A unique advantage of CH2M is the availability of experienced, in-house resources with long-term, hands-on experience operating and managing all types of urban and industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities. Approaching each project with lifecycle implications of design decisions in mind, CH2M provides solutions that optimize existing systems, operations, and infrastructure for greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

Cheaper feedstock in North America and vertical integration of refining & petrochemical industries globally is driving unprecedented new investments in downstream industries.  New, emerging and stricter discharge regulations combined with stress on water resources is creating complex challenges for our clients to balance growth with sustainability and manage water risk.  CH2M has a proven track record in delivering integrated solutions to our clients.


Samir Davé

Oil, Gas & Chemicals Global Practice Director