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Susan Moisio

Global Practice Director

Millions of miles of water, sewer, and storm system pipes lie beneath our cities and streets.

These pipe networks and conveyance systems are the support system for our way of life, transporting safe drinking water to customers and moving wastewater and stormwater to treatment facilities and discharge or reuse.

Addressing aging water infrastructure, meeting regulatory requirements, and making these systems more sustainable and resilient is crucial to ensure communities have safe and reliable water, sewer, and storm systems. Climate change and urbanization place continuing pressure on those systems to perform for future generations.

Leading major conveyance, storage, and tunnel programs around the world, including Abu Dhabi’s Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme (STEP) and London’s Thames Tideway Tunnel, CH2M continues to be recognized as a gamechanger in trenchless technology, ranked number one for four consecutive years by Trenchless Technology Magazine.


From the conveyance and storage of treated and raw water to the collection of wastewater, reclaimed water and stormwater, CH2M provides a variety of urban conveyance and storage solutions for projects of all sizes, incorporating sustainability and adapting to changing environmental conditions in every project.

  • Condition assessment and rehabilitation
  • Conveyance design
  • Corrosion engineering
  • Dams and levees
  • Hydropower
  • Wastewater collection and wet weather services
  • Urban infrastructure asset management 
  • Water distribution solutions 

Clients & Projects

Program Management

As the industry’s top-rated program management firm according to Engineering News-Record, CH2M serves clients faced with the challenge of delivering large water infrastructure programs. Through the disciplined systematic orchestration of people, time, money, and information, CH2M delivers reduced costs, improved schedule performance, improved quality, risk sharing and staffing flexibility to help clients reach your strategic and operational goals. 

Looking over an overflow

Omaha Combined Sewer Overflow 

As program manager, CH2M is working with the City of Omaha, the public, stakeholders, and regulators to develop and implement an extensive Long-Term Control Plan that minimizes the volume of combined sewer overflows and significantly reduces the number of sewer backups. The program provides multiple community benefits and brings Omaha in compliance with the city’s consent order.


Thames Tideway Tunnel

Thames Water, the UK’s largest water company, selected CH2M to manage groundbreaking projects to substantially reduce the level of overflows of untreated sewage in London. Leveraging our expertise in program management, CH2M is helping Thames Water effectively manage the cost and schedule of more than 300 work packages to restore London’s historic sewers.


Inner Doha Re-sewerage Implementation Strategy (IDRIS)

Major deep tunnel sewer network and advanced sewage treatment works will provide a long-term wastewater solution to accommodate Doha’s projected population growth of an additional one million people in the south catchment alone. 

Design and Consulting

Ranked number one in Engineering Design by ENR, CH2M’s world class designers creatively solve the most complex water challenges for clients around the world, bringing our innovative and gamechanging ideas to play.

East Layton pipeline

East Layton Pipeline

Recently recognized as the Utah Construction and Design Project of the Year, the East Layton Pipeline, a critical aging infrastructure pipeline that provides 90% of Wasatch Front’s communities with drinking water, was delivered using a Construction Manager/General Contractor approach which accelerated the project’s schedule. CH2M’s local expertise led to the successful design and construction of the large diameter pipeline despite complexities caused by its close proximity to residential streets with congested utilities.  

Tarrant Regional Water District

Tarrant Regional Water District’s Innovative Wetlands Scheme 

Increasing Dallas-Fort Worth’s water supply by 30 percent, the Tarrant Regional Water District innovative wetlands scheme recovers wastewater from the Trinity River to augment the city’s water supply in the Richard Chambers Reservoir. CH2M collaboratively designed the project’s intake and pumping systems to protect the reservoir and ensure the region has access to high quality water supplies.


DC Water Blue Plains Tunnel

For nearly two decades, CH2M has partnered with the Washington, DC Water and Sewer Authority to manage the largest advanced wastewater treatment facility in the world. As part of a continuing effort to improve water quality and minimize discharges to the Chesapeake Bay area, CH2M designed facilities to reduce nitrogen discharges to the limit of conventional treatment technology.

As communities struggle with balancing water quality, supplies and cost, it’s our goal to minimize lifecycle cost and maximize system performance.


Rick Nelson

Design and Construction Management

As the industry’s top-rated construction management firm according to ENR, CH2M serves clients faced with the challenge of delivering large water infrastructure programs. Our seasoned construction managers use proven processes and tools to oversee the successful delivery of large programs and third-party construction management assignments within specified schedule and budget constraints. 


Duck River Dam 

When droughts hit the southeast U.S., Alabama’s Cullman Utilities Board turned to CH2M to design one of the largest and most complex dams to provide a long-term water supply and additional water quality assurance for residents. The project enhances recreational opportunities for the community and adds social and economic value.