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Peter Nicol

Global Water Director

As global supply and demand for water intensifies, CH2M delivers projects across the entire water cycle to solve our clients’ most complex water challenges with exceptional service and integrated, sustainable solutions. 

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Our projects span industries, utilities and local communities, balancing social, economic and environmental priorities, ensuring people have access to safe, reliable water supplies.

CH2M has earned its ranking as the number one water company by staying on top of the latest technologies and developing new ones. 

Whether it’s treating, distributing or storing water, CH2M reaches across boundaries and collaborates to successfully deliver customized, innovative solutions.

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Clients & Projects

Pima County Regional Water Reclamation Department

Agua Nueva’s ‘new water’ places Pima County at the forefront of water reclamation – unlocking new ways to nurture desert communities and conserve our natural resources. Learn more > 


Integrated capabilities solve Pima County’s greatest infrastructure and water resource challenges

Working hand-in-hand with Pima County, our integrated team of engineers, builders and operators delivered pioneering wastewater treatment solutions – setting a new standard for delivering critical infrastructure under the watchful eye of regulators and stakeholders.

An inspired DBO partnership delivers one of the world’s most advanced water reclamation facilities, marking a significant milestone in the county’s efforts to optimize its water resources.


Award-winning technology solutions break new ground in water reclamation

As the first facility of its kind, anywhere in the world, Agua Nueva’s innovative treatment process saves residents millions of dollars while protecting the desert’s scare water supplies – delivering on the county’s promise to support a prosperous and more sustainable future for generations to come.

Agua Nueva’s revolutionary treatment process creates an affordable source of ‘new water’ – meeting stringent regulatory requirements, long-term service needs and good neighbor objectives, while conserving this desert community’s natural resources.

The Agua Nueva project was the first project in Pima County history that was built through a design-build-operate procurement method. CH2M made this first-time experience a great success. Our positive relationship with them saw us through start-up challenges and we are looking forward to working with them in the years to come.


Jackson Jenkins

City of Calgary

Since 2003, CH2M has been working closely with The City of Calgary on the Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant to raise the bar for wastewater treatment in Canada. Learn more > 


Preparing for the future

This wastewater treatment plant was designed not only to meet the needs of the city today but also to accommodate a 700 percent increase in population in the future, with an initial capacity of 100 ML/d and an ultimate capacity of 700 ML/d. 


Designing with context

The plant’s design incorporated an intelligent technical focus within an environmental and sustainability context that took into account the surrounding ecology, community and long-term development of the city. 

The City of Calgary has been impressed by the advanced treatment processes incorporated into the design and the exceptional high quality of treated effluent produced since the facility was commissioned.


Jim Miller

All capabilities


Helping governments move forward sustainably, protecting and creating economic opportunity for citizens worldwide.



Creating competitive, connected communities through innovative, yet practical solutions across the full spectrum of city services.


Moving people and goods, connecting communities and advancing global commerce through efficient and effective systems and facilities.


Supporting industrial and public sector decisions at every point in the water cycle to help clients balance economic, social and environmental needs. 


Protecting public health, preserving the environment, restoring natural resources and advancing the safety and security of our nations.


Delivering safe, innovative approaches to managing high-risk, technically complex projects – from management and operations to innovative clean-up and remediation.


Providing comprehensive solutions across the energy value chain to develop and deliver the world’s energy resources.


Making the impossible possible – whether it be a key design problem, deadlines or regulatory constraints – to deliver advanced facilities and technologies that transform societies.