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TEAM2100 is driving innovation at every stage of the asset lifecycle, and is set to deliver £100 million in efficiency savings over the 10-year program.

One of the largest, most internationally significant projects in the world.

Revitalizing river waterfront and urban neighborhoods in a nation’s capital.


Highly ambitious transit expansion program transforming the way people travel in Greater Toronto.


Developing dangerous and difficult 'sour' natural gas for a rapidly growing economy and population.

An innovative urban wastewater treatment plant raising water quality standards in Calgary. 

A 21st century smart city that is spurring India’s industrial revolution.


Dramatically reducing journey times in Europe’s largest construction project.


Feras is like a one man Riyadh welcoming committee. A proud Saudi national and equally enthusiastic CH2Mer, he loves helping expatriates adjust to their new role and country, enabling them to walk away from the office with everything that they need to be successful in their surroundings from the start.

Transit is not just Susannah Kerr Adler’s career focus, it’s an integral part of her life. Playing in the world of urban architecture for almost three decades, she’s passionate about promoting sustainability, connecting communities and creating vibrant cities. A pioneer of her industry, she’s helped transit agencies and organizations, like the American Public Transportation Association, broaden their sustainability conversations to include state of good repair, social equity and potential environmental impacts.

Vinod is a driving force in helping to improve the quality of people’s lives throughout the eastern hemisphere. Vinod is our Water business group Geography Manager in India and South Asia and project developer and business development director for the Asia Pacific. He works closely with clients to understand community needs, issues and infrastructure challenges, developing innovative yet practical solutions to improve their immediate and future economic, social and environmental conditions.

Dr. Avinash (Avi) Patwardhan helps develop sustainable projects around the world. A Senior Technology Fellow and our Urban Environments & Sports Global Technology Director, Avi looks for ways to optimize the use of local natural resources and appropriate technologies to minimize our projects' carbon footprints. He does this by reaching across our organization to collaborate with experts in solid waste, renewable energy, solar energy, integrated water management and more – to develop a technology implementation roadmap.

When discussing Chad's role with Crossrail, he says, Crossrail is a very technically challenging project. It’s about being able to continuously think, ‘Ok, how can we do this better than we did in the last project or the last underground rail system?

As program manager of Sinnovate, John says, Sinnovate is an exciting project. A new type of project for CH2M. Our ability to deliver an end-to-end data center solution, including hardware, software and networking with Microsoft is unprecedented in the industry and a new service for CH2M. Saudia was extremely impressed with CH2M’s team and technical ability to guide them through the decision-making and delivery. Combining iconic architecture with smart buildings and end-to-end data center delivery is a unique opportunity. It shows that CH2M has the talent to deliver.

Kristie Forrest is a Deputy Program Manager who has worked on some of CH2M’s signature transit programs, such as the Rapid Transit Program (Metrolinx) in Toronto, the largest transit program in Canadian history. Kristie helps the program team focus on client delivery, working alongside the client to define their needs, then reaching across our organization to bring them the best staff to achieve that vision.

Andrew Boss is an engineering technologist who joined CH2M in 2014 to serve as deputy project manager for one of our signature transit programs – the Metrolinx Light Rail Transit Program.

Alex brings his passion and leadership to projects throughout the Middle East and the world, working in close collaboration with clients to solve their problems and overcome their hardest challenges. Over his career, Alex has learned that powerful results come from the successful combination of a great strategy, a talented well-organized team and innovative project execution. "Working at CH2M has given me the opportunity to connect with inspiring clients and challenging projects that allow us, together, to contribute to a better world for all of us as well as for future generations."

Greg McIntyre serves as president of CH2M’s State & Local Governments Client Sector. In this role, he leads the firm’s global business serving clients in cities, counties, states, local authorities and provinces in the areas of water, environment, transportation and social infrastructure.

Jan Walstrom serves as CH2M’s Senior Vice President and Operations Director for U.S. Civilian Agencies.

Thomas Pennella serves as the President of CH2M’s Industrial & Urban Environments business group. In this role, Thomas is responsible for supporting profitable growth of the Industrial & Advanced Technology and Urban Environments & Sports business operations. He is also a member of the firm's Board of Directors.