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A new addition to the London skyline and winner of the 2014 Structural Steel Design Award.

Revitalizing river waterfront and urban neighborhoods in a nation’s capital.


Conceived to be a world-leading commercial and business center.


An ambitious new campus of high-tech education and business incubation.


Los Angeles may not be the first city that pops up in a search on “transportation efficiency,” but up-and-coming advocates, like Charlie Hetland – an enthusiastic transportation engineer based in our Los Angeles office – are constantly driving to change the pattern in the most populated U.S. county.

Anand loves a good challenge. It’s why he gravitates towards his ever-fresh and varying work as a Bridge Engineer. “For a person like me who finds monotonous work intolerable,” said Anand, “there’s no better place to be at than CH2M.”

As an apprentice, Chris has worked on some of CH2M’s most complex rail projects across the UK. He has been given the opportunity to simultaneously engage in hands-on, confidence-building, practical training in our industry while focusing on related theories in the classroom.

Will is thankful for second chances. When his first career in retail management left him feeling unfulfilled, he turned to the unique opportunity of apprenticing in the field of engineering. Will’s father is a civil engineer and his grandfather was an electrical engineer, so it’s no surprise that he’s always been drawn to this industry.

Marek’s leadership style is guided by two, equally important parts: collaboration and progress. He believes that there is no better way to feel fulfilled than working towards his own personal and professional goals while simultaneously championing his teammates and their projects.      Marek joined CH2M in 2007 as our Instrumentation and Controls (I&C) Discipline Leader. In this position, he engages both internal and external clients in I&C activities while supporting his team members as they further develop their professional skills.

It’s safe to say that Szymon Zbylut is never bored at work. As a Bridge Team Leader in Krakow, Poland, his daily tasks shift each day depending on the needs of his clients and team, and the push for flexibility and the resulting variety, drive his efforts. Szymon joined CH2M in 2015 as our Bridge Team Leader. His focus is on using his mentorship and management skills to help his team deliver a wide range of major global projects that enhance port infrastructure, widen roads and connect local communities through strengthened bridges.

Although he’s only a few years into his career as a civil engineer, Mohammed is a globetrotter. A Saudi national currently based in Riyadh, some of his earliest moments with CH2M took place in London. Even now, back in the Kingdom, he’s worked on projects all throughout the region, and has had a hand in many others across the world in support of CH2M’s clients.

Pete’s passion for people and the environment inspires him to protect communities in the UK from the potentially damaging effects of flooding from waterways.  He joined CH2M as a graduate in 2012, and currently works as a flood risk management engineer on the Rivers Team in London. Solving problems is at the heart of what Pete does, and in his role, he’s constantly working to improve the standards of protection from flooding for people, property and the environment. 

Craving more challenges and greater opportunities, Ted Mekuria, Highway Section Operations Lead for our Los Angeles office, joined CH2M in 2007. Since making the jump from a firm of only 3,000 people nationwide, he’s embraced a variety of roles throughout his time at CH2M, including technical lead, task manager and project manager for a number of transportation projects, while also being actively involved in organizations that support science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

Peter Nicol currently serves as Global Director of Water at Jacobs and was formerly CH2M’s Global Water Business Group President where he had full profit and loss responsibility for the $1.4 billion global water business, including leading more than 5,000 water professionals, in 175 offices, in more than 50 countries worldwide. Under Peter’s leadership, CH2M solidified its brand as the global market leader in water and wastewater design work, and he continues to lead Jacobs’ industry-leading water efforts.  

As Highway Team Leader in our Warsaw, Poland office, Tomasz supports his team by providing senior-level technical expertise, managing resources and facilitating collaborative design while working with other teams and offices.  When I joined our company a few years ago, I was impressed with the resourcefulness, determination, and professionalism of each road team member. When you are working on projects with the complexity that ours have, it is having knowledgeable engineers and teamwork that allow us to face up to our daily challenges.

Architectural Discipline Lead Marcin Połomski is responsible for managing the architectural team in the Kraków, Poland office as well as conducting code analysis, design quality checks and, last but certainly not least, architectural design. 

Witold Bonior works in our Krakow, Poland office as a design manager with 11 years of experience (eight in mechanical engineering and three in his current role). As a result of being involved in nearly every international industrial project CH2M is a partner on, Witold knows how important effective communication and setting up the proper team are in timely delivery.  He is passionate about leading our fully functional, integrated design organization comprised of architects, engineers, structural designers and all other disciplines. 

As a structural engineer, Maciej Szczepanek thrives on the complexities and differences in designing each project. He uses his previous bridge design experience to support CH2M’s water projects across the globe from our Krakow, Poland office. Working at a multidisciplinary designing centre, Maciej collaborates on various projects focusing on flood defence systems, through dams, weirs and wastewater constructions.

As lead architect for U.S. projects delivered from Krakow, Rob Huserik not only leads documentation, but also advocates for effective collaboration and communication with our U.S. offices.

As a mechanical engineer, Karolina Danko focuses her work on a vast amount of industrial projects, assuring the best possible production conditions in the largest and most advanced factories in the world.

Nathan Corser is a Design Principal/Senior Architect who has been instrumental in radically enhancing the building design process in ways that bring unexpected value to clients. The traditional building design process cast the architect in the role of conceptualizing a design concept which would then be submitted to the client for critique and revision. This isolated and time-consuming approach often fueled discord and delay within project teams. Nathan specializes in unifying and streamlining this process for the benefit of all parties.

Dr. Avinash (Avi) Patwardhan helps develop sustainable projects around the world. A Senior Technology Fellow and our Urban Environments & Sports Global Technology Director, Avi looks for ways to optimize the use of local natural resources and appropriate technologies to minimize our projects' carbon footprints. He does this by reaching across our organization to collaborate with experts in solid waste, renewable energy, solar energy, integrated water management and more – to develop a technology implementation roadmap.

Greg McIntyre serves as president of CH2M’s State & Local Governments Client Sector. In this role, he leads the firm’s global business serving clients in cities, counties, states, local authorities and provinces in the areas of water, environment, transportation and social infrastructure.