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Promising India’s residents new pathways to economic vitality and vibrant urban living, with creative reconnection to its golden past.

Project Overview

India’s Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor is combining high-value infrastructure with sustainable development to create 24 smart industrial cities along a 1,482-kilometer (921-mile) freight corridor connecting the port city of Mumbai on the west coast with Delhi to the north. The largest infrastructure program in India’s history, this multi-billion dollar investment represents the leading-edge in international standards, with the goal of transforming the quality of life and economic prosperity for the country’s more than 1 billion people.

Situated along the historic Silk Road, one of antiquity’s most important routes for international trade, AURIC (short for Aurangabad Industrial City) is one of the first cities planned along this golden corridor. This 21st Century smart city will feature a transit-oriented and walkable township, water and energy conservation, renewable power sources and a healthy quality of life – spurring India’s industrial revolution while embracing the region’s rich cultural past.

CH2M is teaming with Cisco to provide integrated urban planning and design, smart technology and program delivery services for AURIC. By pooling their complementary strengths, the two companies will deliver long-term benefits for citizens and other stakeholders in AURIC and the surrounding area.

As the city expands into a major manufacturing region, it will help attract a highly skilled workforce and generate direct employment for over 330,000 thousand people – fueling tremendous economic growth and a thriving, vibrant community to live, work and play. Dedicated to transforming lives and communities, CH2M’s project team is thrilled to be bringing their program management and technical expertise to make this vision a reality.




Key facts


square km planned as a connected, competitive smart city



jobs to be created



lives to be transformed





A big challenge in the development of a Smart City is creating one that is resource-efficient and one in which people can be self-sufficient. We must first accentuate what is unique about each city and intentionally build upon its assets to bolster its strengths even more.
Avinash Patwardhan
CH2M Global Technology Director and Senior Technology Fellow

Meet the team

What was involved?

In close partnership with the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC), CH2M is program managing the first phase of this development, combining our technology, smart city and program management expertise to deliver all critical infrastructure, a world-class exhibition and convention center and a multi-modal logistics park to realize a smart, green, industrial city of the future.


Street view of AURIC

Helping to create a connected, competitive city that attracts investment, offers a strong job base and attracts the best and brightest people


Facilitating funding and delivery strategies to achieve DMICDC's vision and deliver a unique urban center with a high quality of life


Creating innovative infrastructure and technology solutions to spur economic activity and growth and improve the livelihoods of millions


Harnessing expertise in cities, industry, water, power, transportation and environment to manage all project phases, mitigate risk and control cost and schedule


Community impact

India is experiencing an astonishingly rapid shift in the movement of people from rural to urban centers. To address widespread poverty and disparity in access to quality education, healthcare and other vital social services, India is engineering some of the world’s most extraordinary social and economic advancements. The Aurangabad industrial smart city is a model for growing the country’s technological depth in manufacturing, while providing new pathways for helping people across geographies to compete, collaborate and co-create a better future for all.


Street view of AURIC
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