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Ken Melchiorre

Global Sales Director

Andrea Thomson

Global Sales Director

Operating and managing facilities and their systems and moving personnel and resources are services we perform for our clients around the world, sometimes in extreme conditions. 

Our comprehensive base operations management services support major government and military complexes. 

We also hold contracts with the Department of Defense and other federal agencies that allow us to provide logistics and humanitarian support in response to man‐made and natural disasters, including in war zone and contingency environments.

Our operations and logistics serves allow our clients worry less about the ‘how’, so they can focus on the ‘who’, or the people they serve.  

Our clients take comfort in the broad range of high-quality, competitive logistics, emergency response, and facility and base operating support services we provide.


  • 24/7/365 response capabilities
  • Asset management
  • Construction management and inspection
  • Emergency response and recovery
  • Engineering and design support
  • Environment services
  • Health and safety planning
  • Integrated maintenance
  • Logistics coordination
  • Operation and maintenance of facilities, utilities, and infrastructure
  • Planning and staffing
  • Program and project management
  • Property management
  • Risk management
  • Subcontractor management and small business partnerships

Clients & Projects

Operations Management

By outsourcing operations and maintenance and facilities management services, our clients can concentrate resources on their core business. Our expert management and comprehensive maintenance programs help clients protect their capital investments, improve operational efficiencies and lower costs.


NASA, Marshall Logistics Support Services Contract, Huntsville, Alabama 

Meeting unique logistics challenges while yielding operational efficiencies and cost reduction at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, we are responsible for the oversight of all mail services, shipping and receiving, equipment maintenance and repair, flight hardware, warehousing, property management and food services.


National Science Foundation,  Arctic Research Support and Logistics Services, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, and the Arctic Ocean

Moving scientist, researchers and resources across the Arctic, we design, construct, and operate remote research support facilities and arctic power system.  We also provide year-round operations and maintenance of Summit Station on the Greenland ice cap. By handling the operations and logistics, we allow researchers to focus on their research.


When the unexpected happens, time and mobility are critical. We support our government clients in meeting U.S. and international mission requirements quickly and efficiently with our logistics and contingency response services.  We have established and scalable resource management systems, processes, and tools to meet our customers’ fluid needs.  We have the bench strength to deploy rapidly, orderly, and efficiently in times of crisis, and in contingency environments, with all necessary of the assets worldwide.


Federal Emergency Management Agency

A rapid and reliable partner in times of crisis, we have served FEMA since 2005. We hold contracts to respond to a variety of natural and man-made disasters.  Our emergency management team provides program management; installation, maintenance and deactivation of temporary housing units; design and construction of community sites; and mass care emergency support services.


U.S. Air Force, Air Force Contract Augmentation Program, Worldwide 

When time is the factor that matters most, our clients look to us for help with urgent and compelling projects anywhere in the world.  We have the global resources, bench strength and expertise to respond.   Under our AFCAP contract, we have deployed more than 1,000 personnel and resources globally, including in Afghanistan, Greece, Haiti, Iraq, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Oman, Philippines, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.