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Karl Jensen

Global Sales Director

We’re proud to be a resourceful, trusted partner for governments around the world, helping them protect and invigorate the communities they serve.

At CH2M, we’re passionate about the multi-dimensional, profoundly important challenges that local and national governments and their agencies bring to us.

We meet their challenges with broad, highly integrated capabilities across our organization, decades of experience and a commitment to being the completely reliable partner that governments need.

Together, we create safe, cost-effective solutions to sustain, revitalize and advance the communities we serve.


We provide governments and their agencies with expert, integrated services for their most important needs.

Our experience and expertise spans environmental remediation, transportation, infrastructure (repair, design and build), disaster recovery and logistics support, master planning, general operation and maintenance of city, defense and nuclear assets.

Clients & Projects

Department of Defense

It’s no small task to build, manage, and maintain several hundred thousand individual facilities at 5,000 different sites on over 30 million acres of land, in addition to protecting our national security.  From environmental remediation to base operations support, CH2M proudly supports the Department of Defense and its branches, so they can focus on being in the right place, at the right time, with the right qualities and capacities to protect our national resources.

Air National Guard headquarters in Maryland, USA

Air National Guard Readiness Center Expansion, Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland

Helping our clients achieve the most in sustainable design, the 170,000-SF facility incorporates more than 30 sustainability principles including a vegetative green roof and raised flooring under-floor communications and electrical systems with plug-and-play modular cabling systems to accommodate future growth.



U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Far East District, U.S. Forces Korea Base Relocation Program

Building the equivalent of a medium-sized city from the ground up on land that was formerly rice paddies, this program is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s largest construction project since the Panama Canal was completed in 1914. A strong program management team keeps the momentum going towards a 2016 completion date. 


CH2M has provided the Air National Guard with exceptional service in both the design and program management areas. Their personnel… exemplify professionalism and have been key factors to the success of the program. CH2M has also provided a wealth of technical expertise, which allowed several critical issues to be resolved quickly and minimized costs to the program. CH2M is a true partner with the Air National Guard in the effort to complete the 126 ARW program on time and within budget.


Chris Williams

Military and Government Facilities Operations Manager

With an ever-increasing population in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Metrolinx’s Rapid Transit Program is poised to connect communities and commuters, giving riders easy and convenient access to the best possible transit and transportation network when the project is complete in 2022. Learn more >

Metrolinx train rendering

Transforming Canadian travel

With one of the most ambitious transit expansion programs in North America and the largest public investment in Canadian history, the Metrolinx Rapid Transit program will transform the way people travel in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.



A complex initiative

We’re honored to put our program management skills to work, helping Metrolinx achieve its mission of championing, developing and implementing an integrated transportation system that enhances prosperity, sustainability and quality of life. 


The opportunity to be involved with the development of both the Metrolinx Rapid Transit Program and the development of the Metrolinx Rapid Transit organization has provided us with the opportunity to be associated with a fantastic success story. We are honored to support the largest public transit investment in Canadian history, alongside our valued client, Metrolinx.


Richard Moore

Program Manager

Faced with the complexity of creating a new public works department in 2007, CH2M began the journey to help achieve the city’s vision of a model public works department that assists in day-to-day operations all while keeping focus on the citizens. A partnership from the start, together we have worked to make Centennial a model for what can be done when a city and the private-sector collaborate. Learn more >


Custom-tailored solutions

Working as an extension of the city, CH2M provides efficient and innovative public works services to more than 106,000 residents.



Planning on change

The city-managed public works organization delivers a broad range of services from traffic engineering to snow removal while being flexible to the city and citizen’s needs.


The City of Centennial’s evolving public-private partnership with CH2M continues to improve the quality of services provided to our residents. Together we have found ways to save money, streamline processes and develop innovative ideas. This high performing partnership continues to be a model for cities throughout the U.S. as we continue to raise the bar in terms of performance. I look forward to the continued success as our relationship with CH2M strengthens over time.


John Danielson



All capabilities


Helping governments move forward sustainably, protecting and creating economic opportunity for citizens worldwide.



Creating competitive, connected communities through innovative, yet practical solutions across the full spectrum of city services.


Moving people and goods, connecting communities and advancing global commerce through efficient and effective systems and facilities.


Supporting industrial and public sector decisions at every point in the water cycle to help clients balance economic, social and environmental needs. 


Protecting public health, preserving the environment, restoring natural resources and advancing the safety and security of our nations.


Delivering safe, innovative approaches to managing high-risk, technically complex projects – from management and operations to innovative clean-up and remediation.


Providing comprehensive solutions across the energy value chain to develop and deliver the world’s energy resources.


Making the impossible possible – whether it be a key design problem, deadlines or regulatory constraints – to deliver advanced facilities and technologies that transform societies.