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John Mogge

Global Market Director

Environmental stewardship is not only at the core of our business, but also the bulk of our business and the heart of our ethos.

That's why our environmental commitment extends beyond helping our clients with compliance and reducing their environmental impact to restoring impacted natural resources and advancing the safety and security of the nations where we work. 

Ranked as the world’s top environmental firm, our consultants and environmental professionals have a long history of solving our clients most challenging and complex environmental problems.

We are dedicated to the well-being of people and the environment, and are as passionate about creating comprehensive and sustainable solutions to environmental challenges as we are about creating thriving communities and integrated infrastructure solutions that enhance the quality of people’s lives and respect the natural environment.  

We partner with our clients to mitigate risks and deliver lasting solutions through the development of viable, sustainable solutions that add value to complex environmental and infrastructure projects.

Clients & Projects

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Helping governments move forward sustainably, protecting and creating economic opportunity for citizens worldwide.



Creating competitive, connected communities through innovative, yet practical solutions across the full spectrum of city services.


Moving people and goods, connecting communities and advancing global commerce through efficient and effective systems and facilities.


Supporting industrial and public sector decisions at every point in the water cycle to help clients balance economic, social and environmental needs. 


Protecting public health, preserving the environment, restoring natural resources and advancing the safety and security of our nations.


Delivering safe, innovative approaches to managing high-risk, technically complex projects – from management and operations to innovative clean-up and remediation.


Providing comprehensive solutions across the energy value chain to develop and deliver the world’s energy resources.


Making the impossible possible – whether it be a key design problem, deadlines or regulatory constraints – to deliver advanced facilities and technologies that transform societies.