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Cole Crawley

Global Sales Director

Pipelines and terminals are the unsung heroes of the energy value chain.

Without them, our modern life wouldn’t be possible.

Pipelines safely transmit natural gas to our homes, factories, schools, and power plants for heat and electricity.

Or, they safely transport oil to the refineries that help turn them into fuel for our cars, trucks, trains, jets, and ships. Terminals are a key part of that chain, storing the product until its ready for another use.

Today’s pipeline projects require a host of expertise to ensure that they meet community, regulatory, environmental, safety and business needs.

We provide total solutions for pipelines and their associated facilities, helping you safely and efficiently move oil, gas, and chemicals from point A to B.

Whether our clients need us to deliver an entire project or collaborate with their team to implement key components we provide flexible solutions that save time and money. Regulatory compliance, cost and schedule uncertainties, increasing public scrutiny and volatile prices make these projects a challenge we love to tackle.

We have an effective, efficient, well equipped team that provides total solutions for pipelines;

associated facilities for compressing, pumping, measuring, interconnecting, and monitoring hydrocarbon gases and liquids; and for terminal and storage projects.

We focus on infrastructure projects that gather, store, and transport oil, natural gas, refined products, CO2, and other related hydrocarbons, liquids, and gases. These projects include pipelines, compression, pump stations, metering, gas processing, tank farms, terminals, and related facilities for upstream (wellhead to central processing) and cross-country transportation systems.

  • Pipeline engineering and design
  • Turnkey EPCM services
  • Natural gas compression facilities engineering and design
  • Liquids pump station facilities engineering and design
  • Terminals engineering and design (FEED and EPCM)
  • Terminals EPCM services
  • LNG marine terminal services
  • Pipelines and terminals construction management and inspection
  • Terminal asset integrity programs
  • Procurement for pipeline, facilities and terminals materials
  • Pipeline alignment sheet generation
  • Health, safety, environment and quality
  • Environmental and regulatory permitting
  • Right-of-way acquisition
  • GIS mapping and GPS survey

Clients & Projects

Program Management

Today’s large and complex oil and gas programs require new approaches to ensure that project schedules, budget, safety, quality and compliance requirements are all met. Program management incorporates many elements of project management, but supplements traditional project management techniques with a greater focus on integration across various scopes or project areas, centralizing overall management, and a consistent platform for cross-cutting program support functions such as project controls. This approach includes proven proprietary information management systems, program governance systems, established planning methodologies using state-of-the-art commercial software, and performance management and reporting systems that are best in class.



We’re working closely with Hess to help them fulfill their commitment to lower the amount of flaring from their shale wells in the U.S. State of North Dakota. CH2M provided a new operational management approach to help speed up the delivery of Hess’ low pressuring gathering program that captures natural gas and brings it to market – helping the environment and the bottom line.




Working closely BP, we’re helping ensure the smooth, efficient, and consistent operations in the harsh Arctic conditions found on the North Slope of Alaska. Open communication, proactive planning, and our focus on continuous improvement has saved BP over US$10 million per year in operating costs, increased safety, and helped earn CH2M the reputation as a best-in-class supplier of operations, maintenance, engineering, and construction for the Alaskan oil and gas market.

Project management

CH2M is one of North America’s largest pipeline firms, having installed more than 50,000 miles of pipelines and more than 600,000 horsepower of gas compression systems across the continent. Project management for pipelines and terminals includes program planning and integration, delivery systems, contract administration, procurement/supply chain, and legal functions. Our flexible and scalable approach to project delivery allows us to right-size our project delivery teams, adapt our processes to be aligned with our clients, and accommodate varying local conditions and project requirements quickly and efficiently.


We provide the full range of engineering and design, from conception to detailed engineering, along with integrated and full-service procurement and a range of construction execution models. We offer compliance management, front end engineering, route surveying, detail design, CAD drafting, geographic information system (GIS) mapping, procurement services, and environmental inspection. Our engineering and design capabilities encompass process flow diagram development; P&ID development; civil/structural work; electrical power systems; electrical controls and instrumentation—including SCADA and automation; mechanical and piping design; 3D laser scanning; horizontal direction drilling (HDD); and pipeline hydraulics/surge analysis