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Pedro Fernandez

Global Sales Director

The world’s population is growing.  

Safe, reliable consistent supplies of oil and natural gas are critical for the world’s economy to thrive and bring millions out of poverty.

We know that drilling and production are the top priorities in the oil field.

Aging infrastructure, regulatory compliance, declining production, cost containment, individual safety and project delivery predictability affect the ability of oil and gas companies to operate safely and profitably.

Our upstream project model leverages new technology, standardized designs, modularization, lean manufacturing, and progam management; helping you meet the most challenging project needs no matter where your project takes you.

Whether you require targeted, specific services, or prefer one to company handle your entire production and operation needs, you can rely on us to meet your schedule, budget, environmental and safety requirements.

  • Oil production—conventional and unconventional
  • Natural gas production/processing
  • Gathering pipelines
  • Water management services
  • Environmental services

Clients & Projects

Program Management

Today’s complex oil and gas programs require new approaches to ensure that project schedules, budget, safety, quality and compliance requirements are all met. We place greater focus on integration across various scopes or project areas, centralizing overall management and creating a consistent platform for cross-cutting program support functions.

iraq common seawater

Iraq Common Seawater Supply Project

The Iraq Common Seawater Project creatively addresses an essential problem for Iraq: a distinct lack of fresh water for use in its oil fields. Through effective cross-business collaboration, CH2M covers all the bases for sustainably meeting this complex project’s specific challenges, freeing up valuable freshwater for other uses.

Shah Gas Development

Shah Gas Development >

With the Shah Gas Development, we tackle the complexity and difficulty associated with sour gas head-on, helping to safely solve the daunting technical and engineering challenges in a remote sour gas field. The result is affordable electricity and a stronger economy for local communities.

Hess Low-Pressure Gathering Program


We’ve developed a new method to capture natural gas within Hess’ Low-Pressure Gathering Program, comprising hundreds of projects in North Dakota’s Bakken shale formation.  In recent years, about one-third of the natural gas produced in this area has been flared into the atmosphere.  Our new program management approach helps Hess fulfill their commitment to lower the amount of flaring, which is better for the environment and provides cost savings to our client: captured natural gas is used to power project sites, and surpluses can be sold to Hess’ customers.

Operations Management

We provide operations and maintenance services for pipelines, compressor stations, production facilities and water systems in some of the world’s largest fields. Whether it’s seconding labor into existing operations or developing design-build-operate (DBO) solutions we work to save our clients headaches and millions of dollars.



Working closely with BP, we’re helping ensure smooth, efficient, and consistent operations in the harsh Arctic conditions found on the North Slope of Alaska. Open communication, proactive planning, and our focus on continuous improvement have saved BP over US$10 million per year in operating costs, increased safety, and helped earn CH2M the reputation as a best-in-class supplier of operations, maintenance, engineering, and construction for the Alaskan oil and gas market.

Ice Roads

Alaska Ice Roads

You bring the heaviest equipment up in the dark, cold, and frigid of the Arctic winter to keep the tundra safe. With tens of millions of dollars in equipment and the safety of Alaska’s environment on the line, your trust goes to the team with decades of expertise. CH2M worked with our client to strategically locate ice roads near permitted water sources during construction, provided, ice chip harvesting, water withdrawals, and road maintenance and site-support.


We provide the full range of engineering and design, from conception to detailed engineering, along with integrated and full-service procurement and a range of construction execution models. 



Delivery in desert conditions under a challenging political environment 40 days ahead of schedule, with 12-percent reduction in overall costs, and 50-percent reduction in operational costs. That was the result of us working with the Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPCC) to provide program management, innovative modular design, engineering, procurement, planning, and other services on the US$1.7 billion Ahdeb Oilfield Surface Facility in Iraq.