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John Brady

Global Sales Director

Life-saving medical equipment, lighter aircraft parts, durable and safe toys and computer screens items are just some of the everyday life products made possible by chemicals.

At CH2M we are proud to partner with some of the world’s leading chemical companies. 

Together, we are dedicated to ensuring that these chemicals that make modern life possible are produced as safely, sustainably and efficiently as possible. 

The infrastructure and natural resource challenges facing our chemical clients are multi-faceted and interdisciplinary. That means the solutions need to be too.

We combine capabilities and experience across our environment, water, industrial and energy sectors to offer our clients integrated solutions to their most perplexing problems.

Our chemicals team works to achieve our clients’ business objectives, no matter the challenge:

expanding or consolidating existing assets, using time-tested technologies or applying first-of-a-kind chemical manufacturing processes in new or existing facilities.

Our clients benefit from our knowledge gained from working on projects around the world. We have an in-depth knowledge of local markets and regulatory agencies, long-standing in-country relationships and the ability to deliver first-of-a-kind projects that are models for the chemicals industry.

We employ fit-for-purpose design with an eye toward minimizing costs for our clients without sacrificing safety, quality or operability; project-specific safety plans, integrating our program with client policies and procedures to achieve or surpass their goals; and we succeed through accountability and defining shared expectations.

  • Program management
  • Technology development
  • Procurement
  • Sustaining services
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Process safety management
  • Systems integration

Clients & Projects

Project management

Today’s large and complex oil and gas programs require new approaches to ensure that project schedules, budget, safety, quality and compliance requirements are all met. We focus on integration across various scopes or project areas, centralizing overall management, and a consistent platform for cross-cutting program support functions. 


CH2M offers front-end and basic engineering, process technology development, detail design per discipline, project tracking controls, EPC integrated schedule, quality assurance and proactive value engineering to our chemicals clients.

Construction management

CH2M offers constructability assessment services, onsite construction services, structural and piping prefabrication, equipment erection, system integration and safety performance services.