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Pedro Fernandez

Global Sales Director

Providing comprehensive solutions across the energy value chain to develop and deliver the world’s energy resources.

When it comes to laying the foundation for modern day progress, our energy clients are seasoned veterans. Whether it’s the computer you are using, the fuel-efficient car you are driving or the electricity powering your home—oil, gas and chemicals provide the raw materials and refined products that make your day possible.

For more than 40 years we have worked with some of the biggest brands in energy. 

Stretching from the remote deserts of Abu Dhabi to the secluded tundra of the North Slope, our energy team has helped our clients improve safety records, reduce cost, meet regulatory requirements and enhance project delivery predictability.

But we understand that navigating price volatility, increasing public scrutiny, environmental pressures, talent shortages, growing demand, safety concerns and greater competition, all while trying to get product to market faster, has never been more challenging. That’s why CH2M is committed to providing our clients with integrated, scalable and flexible solutions. Because when we help our clients’ stay competitive, we help society move forward.

So, what can we do for you?

Clients & Projects

Al Hosn Gas

The Shah Gas Development in the United Arab Emirates may be an unprecedented effort to develop dangerous and difficult “sour” natural gas for a rapidly growing economy and population. But, for us, it’s also the story of a strong, lasting partnership. Learn more >


Shah Gas Development Program

Al Hosn Gas, a joint venture between ADNOC) and Occidental, tapped us to provide program management consulting on six out of nine engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) packages for the Shah Gas Development. The packages included early works, product pipelines, the gas gathering system, and the liquid sulfur handling system.


Working hand-in-hand with Al Hosn Gas

We provided program management expertise, technical know-how and the benefit of our deep relationships and experience in the region to help keep this critical project on track;and safely solve its daunting technical and engineering challenges. The end result is more affordable electricity and a stronger economy for people and families.


I'm very happy that we were able to be there from day one to support Al Hosn Gas. We’ve been working with the ADNOC group for almost two decades. I truly believe that because of CH2M’s relationship with ADNOC we were able to help, to support them and to make sure the project was kept alive and is now completed.


Alex Shakarchi

Deputy Regional Manager, Middle East & North Africa; VP of Outside Sales, Oil, Gas & Chemicals

We’ve developed a new method to capture natural gas within Hess’ Low-Pressure Gathering Program, comprising hundreds of projects in North Dakota’s Bakken shale formation. Together, we're helping Hess fulfill their commitment to lower the amount of flaring.

Hess low pressure gathering program

Low Pressure Gathering Program, North Dakota 

Hess’ Low Pressure Gathering Program is a collection of hundreds of projects aimed at connecting existing wells in the Bakken to pipeline gathering and transport infrastructure. CH2M is supporting Hess’ effort with program management and engineering services.

gathering line example

Capturing natural gas

In recent years, about one-third of the natural gas produced in the Bakken has been flared into the atmosphere. We’ve developed a new method to help Hess capture natural gas so they can repurpose it to power project sites and even sell surpluses to their customers, instead of flaring it. It’s good news for the environment and a cost savings for Hess. 

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Helping governments move forward sustainably, protecting and creating economic opportunity for citizens worldwide.



Creating competitive, connected communities through innovative, yet practical solutions across the full spectrum of city services.


Moving people and goods, connecting communities and advancing global commerce through efficient and effective systems and facilities.


Supporting industrial and public sector decisions at every point in the water cycle to help clients balance economic, social and environmental needs. 


Protecting public health, preserving the environment, restoring natural resources and advancing the safety and security of our nations.


Delivering safe, innovative approaches to managing high-risk, technically complex projects – from management and operations to innovative clean-up and remediation.


Providing comprehensive solutions across the energy value chain to develop and deliver the world’s energy resources.


Making the impossible possible – whether it be a key design problem, deadlines or regulatory constraints – to deliver advanced facilities and technologies that transform societies.