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Junaid Hasan

Global Practice Director

Cities and countries are working hard to attract business, create jobs for their citizens and energize their economy.

In India, China, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom, we are working closely with our clients to plan, design and deliver commercial and industrial zones that pair major industry with smart urban development to provide long-term employment and improve the livelihoods of the people who live there. 

But planning and developing commercial and industrial zones is not just about providing local jobs; it’s also about creating a supply chain of jobs that has a ripple effect in strengthening economic growth.

Through our company-wide capabilities, highly innovative manufacturing facility designs, award-winning urban master plans and dedication to smart growth principles, we are creating beautiful, sustainable industrial communities that provide long-term economic vitality, a higher quality of life and a cleaner environment.

We take a holistic and integrated approach to planning commercial and industrial zones to provide daily benefits for citizens and workers.

Our exceptional urban planning and industrial facilities designs reflect our passion for great design, sustainability, operational efficiencies and improving human progress.

To address the complex and diverse needs of industrial-based urban development, we offer expertise in strategic planning, master planning and urban design, industrial planning and design, industrial and manufacturing facilities planning and design, project development, technology integration, sustainable design, transportation, water, wastewater, energy and waste planning, and program management.

  • Strategic planning – regional and economic
  • Master planning and urban design
  • Site selection and land planning
  • Infrastructure development
  • Urban transport systems development and optimization
  • Manufacturing integration
  • Lean design and integrated architectural-engineering design
  • Sustainability assessment and rating systems (smart cities)
  • Procurement planning and implementation
  • Security systems planning and design
  • Construction management and design-build
  • Program management and delivery

Clients & Projects

Program Management

Developing a new commercial or industrial zone requires exceptional management skills to oversee myriad projects and stakeholder interests, quickly address challenges and keep the overall program on schedule. We manage some of the most challenging projects in the world, integrating our services and capabilities to guide projects through the entire development cycle – from initial concept and planning through delivery and operations. Whether you’re selecting a site for a new manufacturing facility, developing a mixed-used commercial area or building a smart industrial city, we’ll bring our best-in-class program management tools and processes to deliver your vision with extraordinary results.


Shendra-Bidkin Industrial Area Smart City, India >

As program manager for the first phase of this 21st century smart city, we're helping the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation deliver all critical infrastructure, a world-class exhibition and convention center and a multi-modal logistics park – integrating smart growth principles and technology to realize a smart, green, industrial city of the future from the ground up.


Port of Sunderland Regeneration, England

Using highly imaginative, sustainable solutions, we helped Sunderland City Council develop the master plan and development framework to transform an aging port into a major commercial and industrial park, with the aim of realizing up to 3,000 new jobs and 400 new homes alongside a modern and efficient new port facility as part of a city-wide regeneration initiative.

Consulting & Design

Using proven project development and structuring approaches, we help you cultivate and prioritize urban development opportunities, create a strong business case for your project and help secure wider project funding. We tailor our services to facilitate speed to market, maximize your investment assets and support long-term project viability and success.


Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, Bristol, England

Blending cultural heritage, natural beauty, high-tech infrastructure and a bustling mix of communities, this new zone is projected to be a leading center of research and production based on creative industries and digital technology. Our innovative investment strategy and funding framework has helped attract new businesses to the area, with the goal of creating up to 17,000 new jobs over the next 20 to 25 years.


Belo Horizonte Economic Master Plan, Brazil

We led an integrated team in preparing an aerotropolis-based economic master plan – where urban and economic development are centered around the region’s bustling airport – to help Brazil's third largest economy successfully compete in the global market. The plan aims to create over 800,000 new jobs and USD$53 billion in gross domestic product growth, while improving the quality of life for nearly 4.8 million people.

Consulting & Design

Our award-winning master planning, urban design, industrial facilities design and intelligent infrastructure capabilities provide exceptional solutions to transform your vision into reality. We work with you to optimize your vision with a focus on economic development, smart growth, technology integration and sustainability, providing multi-modal transportation and walkable city solutions that ensure easy access to key services and enhance the well-being of our communities.

Sinnovate Technology Hub

Sinnovate Technology Hub, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia >

This ambitious new campus for high-tech education and business incubation will help transform Saudi Arabia from a resource-based to a knowledge-based economy, driving innovation, global talent and investment.


Alcoa Multi-Product Mills, Russia

We made improvements to two multi-product mills to increase production capacity and introduce new aluminum products to the Russian and European markets.

Samalaju industrial park

Samalaju Industrial Park Master Plan, Sarawak, Malaysia

Planning for Sarawak’s rapid growth on the island of Borneo, we’re helping to transform this beautiful, resource-rich area into a sustainable and high-income economy by 2030 to benefit residents, businesses and visitors. 


Boeing Aircraft Assembly Facility Expansion

CH2M designed this flexible facility using state-of-the-art design strategies to maintain production without interruption, ultimately ensuring a zero loss in production throughout the project.