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It's time to reflect on the safe roads we drive on the way to work, the taps that provides the fresh water we drink and the electricity that powers our homes and businesses – infrastructure is critical to every facet of our daily lives.

Much of the infrastructure conversation focuses on the need for investment across all modes of transportation, water systems and the power grid. Impacts of these investments will last far beyond just a few weeks though, and at CH2M, we’re eager to partner with our clients and communities around the globe in this #TimetoBuild. 

“Thoughtful and planned infrastructure development holds the promise of contributing to growth, creating jobs and fueling local economies. Investments made today will determine not only whether we have clean water to drink and safe roads to travel—they will provide the foundation for future prosperity.” 

Peter Nicol
CH2M Global Water Market Director

Robust infrastructure establishes the backbone of productive, economically strong communities as assets essential to commerce, trade, public safety and quality of life.

At CH2M, we’ve been getting the engineering right for more than 70 years, going all the way back to our founding by four passionate problem solvers looking for new ways to tackle water resource challenges. Their dedication to technical excellence has driven every project we’ve worked on since, and we bring it to every new challenge we take on.

It comes alive in keen attention to detail, and accelerating large and complex infrastructure initiatives by working smarter within the system to expedite delivery, getting high-priority projects completed in the most efficient way.

We stand ready to help accelerate your next program from concept to completion. It’s #TimeToBuild, are you ready?

Webinar A new vision for water infrastructure investment

A new report, A Northwest Vision for 2040 Water Infrastructure: Innovative Pathways, Smarter Spending, Better Outcomes, released by The Evergreen State College's Center for Sustainable Infrastructure, demonstrates how Northwest water utilities can meet aging water infrastructure challenges by adopting new investment practices for billions of dollars in annual spending, guided by long-range vision and strategy.

Facilitating the sharing of the vision developed on the West Coast and continuing the focus on water and infrastructure, CH2M sponsored the Northwest Vision for 2040 Water Infrastructure webinar. 

View the recording