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Making cities, businesses and communities more resilient

New York Coast

Hurricane Sandy’s unprecedented destruction served as a wakeup call to New York City and other urban populations across the world: we need to strengthen our cities’ infrastructure to protect against extreme weather events.

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As the frequency and severity of weather events intensify, and populations grow, the potential impact on governments, cities and businesses around the world is constantly increasing. This emerging threat is further amplified by aging infrastructure and cyber security, adding to the risks to people, the environment and the social cohesion of cities around the world.

Planning for these near-term challenges, together with preparedness to withstand future events, presents an urgent need for enhanced infrastructure systems globally. Keeping business, cities and whole communities safe, resilient and adaptable to change is a core service offering of CH2M and one we are proud to offer globally to both the public and private sectors.

CH2M’s Resiliency Practice has a portfolio that includes more than 1,000 projects around the globe focused on anticipating the impact of natural hazards and climate change to develop and implement resilient infrastructure — from coastal and inland river systems, to water and wastewater treatment and supply and transportation networks.

Across natural and built infrastructure our Resiliency Practice experts engage with clients and stakeholders across the project lifecycle, assisting in early problem definition, evaluation, strategy development, design of solutions and full implementation including operations and maintenance of core city utility and infrastructure systems.

Our fully integrating resilience services include:

  • Vulnerability Assessments – define natural and man-made threats to service delivery and communities
  • Adaptation Planning – triple bottom line analysis of actions to improve resilience and support economic development
  • Resilient Design – full life-cycle planning and design of capital works
  • Green Solutions – integration of green infrastructure to improve resilience and enhance urban areas
  • Future Proofing Solutions – climate and population change analysis to inform sustainable solutions
  • Emergency Management – preparedness, response and recovery planning and delivery
  • Program Delivery – O&M, finance and programming support

“The flexibility, real-time performance and resilience which this software offers are important to us in delivering a flood forecasting service in Wales, where rivers respond rapidly to extreme rainfall and where we have high risk locations where we need to model the combined effects of high river and tidal flows.”

Flood Risk Manager Natural Resources Wales