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Trevor Parker

Alternative Financing and Procurement Lead

Joined CH2M
July 2012

An alternative financing and procurement expert at CH2M, Trevor Parker has spent amost three years working solely on the USD$5.5 billion Metrolinx Light Rail Transit Program in Toronto. He has many responsibilities but a singular focus: to help his client move this project forward while reducing their risk. He does this by collaborating with senior management at Metrolinx and negotiating with potential bidders to develop a commercial framework that all parties can agree on – not an easy task! For example, developing the Request for Qualifications for the utilities work for the first light rail transit line took dozens of meetings and 12 months to complete.

Says Trevor, "I think the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area is a great example of the global trend toward urbanization and the creation of mega-cities. Societies and economies are becoming more and more shaped by their transit systems. Rapid transit helps lay the foundation for future generations of passengers, giving them access to safe and affordable public transportation."

Trevor believes it’s crucial that, as program managers, we help the client transfer some of its risk to contractors, yet keep the contract terms appealing so we attract quality bidders. Trevor doesn't shy away from these kinds of challenges but rather sees them as opportunities. He says, “The immensely complicated commercial arrangement tested my capabilities, which of course, led to a great deal of personal growth, and we’ve had great success.” In fact, two of the early works packages have been bid, accepted and construction will begin this year.

Clearly, Trevor’s success is due to his collaborative work style, his persistence and his passion for results. He adds, "We must always put the project needs first‎ because then, we can all make a living and have something amazing to show at the end of it."