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Tom Palaia

Principal Technologist

Joined CH2M
July 1995

Tom Palaia is a Principal Technologist with CH2M and serves as the global technology leader for petroleum non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) characterization and remediation optimization. Over his past 25 years at CH2M, Tom has dedicated a large part of his career to facilitating application of best practice and technology transfer, and training of many practitioners within CH2M. His central role for the firm is focused on quality control and ensuring that state-of-the-practice approaches are implemented on projects world-wide. He is a globally recognized subject matter expert for natural source zone depletion (NSZD), remediation optimization, and in situ remediation using chemical oxidation and aeration technologies.

Since 2004, he's authored or co-authored four guidance documents and over 30 presentations; highlights including lead author for the American Petroleum Institute (API) NSZD guide and collaborating with the on-going LNAPL Update team of the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC). Tom is passionate about the future direction of technology for remediation. Knowing the strengths and benefits of NSZD as a rising technology, he is working hard to expedite the advance and practical use of new science. His practical insights allow him to bring cost effective and sustainable remedies to worksites.

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