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Monty Sedlak

Director, Project Services

Joined CH2M
February 2011

Monty works every day to inspire the team he leads to be game changers, by unlocking new ways of looking at quality, sustainability, technology, regulatory compliance and asset management for our clients.

Facing problems head-on is what Monty does daily, because with every challenge he sees many opportunities. Working with his team across the region, he helps clients find new solutions to old problems so that together they can lay the foundation for human progress. 

He says the best part of his role is the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people he works with and in the communities he touches, realizing that when he leaves work at the end of the day he has left a legacy for future generations. 

“I enjoy working at CH2M because the company values my entrepreneurial spirt and has recognized that spirit by celebrating my achievements over the past four years, far more than I have had in my entire career,” says Monty.  

Like many employees at CH2M, Monty has had the opportunity to work in many places around the globe. He’s currently exploring the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while teaching a team of 26 engineers the elements they need to understand to become successful project managers.

We are proud to call Monty part of our CH2M family because his knowledge of cutting-edge technology, his commitment to innovation and his dedication to the well-being of people will continue to make a positive impact on the communities where we work.