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Maciej Szczepanek

Structural Engineer

Office Location
Joined CH2M
December 2013

As a structural engineer, Maciej Szczepanek thrives on the complexities and differences in designing each project. He uses his previous bridge design experience to support CH2M’s water projects across the globe from our Krakow, Poland office.

Working at a multidisciplinary designing centre, Maciej collaborates on various projects focusing on flood defence systems, through dams, weirs and wastewater constructions.

There are never two of the same structures. Every time, you need to start from the beginning, consider different constraints and client needs - this makes my work very interesting. With every project, I learn something new and continually increase my skills and proficiency to deliver high quality solutions,” says Maciej.

As a member of a designing centre, Maciej is in constant communication with several other CH2M offices in which they support. He enjoys building relationships all over the world that provide him a wide range of different projects but the best part is in solving complex engineering challenges. 

During some projects you arrive at the point where you feel that there can be a better solution. You write some emails, you make some calls and in a very short time you find an expert that is ready to share his or her ideas with you and dispels all your doubts. This practical experience that is accessible whenever you need it and that you can use it in your projects is the best way develop as an engineer.