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Kim Fries

Joined CH2M
December 2002

With an impressive resume of accomplishments and over 30 years in wastewater treatment technology, Kim joined CH2M in 2003 where he has been an integral member of more project teams than he can count.

One project in particular that stands out for Kim is the City of Calgary’s Pinecreek Wastewater Treatment plant on which he led process design. “This was a fun project for me. We incorporated many lessons learned from previous projects making this a ‘next generation’ and highly successful plant that has achieved higher effluent quality than we had originally designed for. Plus, plant operators have been very complimentary, saying how easy it is to operate.”

Originally attracted to the diverse technical opportunities that working at CH2M would provide, Kim’s experience has been enriched by the talented teams he collaborates with who he says are “second to none in the world.”

Kim specializes in nitrification, denitrification, biological nutrient removal, wastewater reclamation, advanced digestion and odor control. He is a passionate problem-solver lending his expertise to enhance communities’ wastewater challenges all over the world.