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Kalani Ross

Joined CH2M
March 2012

Kalani Ross joined CH2M in April 2012 and has flourished in a variety of roles, including production operator, maintenance technician and his current position as an equipment operator. In these different capacities, he has been able to cross-train with diverse teams on exciting projects, expanding his skill sets and career growth opportunities, while keeping his work days interesting and challenging.  Kalani not only thrives at CH2M, but with leadership skills and core values of honor, integrity and respect from his time in the Army ROTC, he shares his passion of helping others be successful through on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring for his team members.

Kalani remains dedicated to CH2M because, in his words, ‘it’s a great company’, one that nurtures his career aspirations to be a leader and mentor; provides the support and resources for him to advance his career; and possesses a leadership team that empowers him to have a voice and play an active role in turning challenges into solutions.  He also admires CH2M’s unwavering commitment to safety, ensuring that everyone goes home to their families in the same condition as they came to work.  Most importantly, the deep caring and support shown by the company during some tough times that included the loss of his infant son and the cancer battle that he and his wife faced sticks in his mind.  For Kalani, the way that CH2M stood by him then and now is a key factor in why he continues to be a part of the CH2M family.