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John Mogge

Global Market Director

Joined CH2M
February 2001

Dr. John Mogge is Director of Technology, Practices and Design for CH2M’s Environment and Nuclear group, focused on leading the diversification and growth of our global environmental, sustainability and nuclear services through practice differentiation and technical innovation. Working to accelerate and lead the change in the built environment industry to shape a sustainable future, he is never satisfied with the status quo – and neither is CH2M.

Being innovative is at the heart of John’s role, and he encourages everyone to be imaginative on the job. He shares, "We all have some level of inventiveness and natural creative capability. For me personally, I try to develop the creative value through the application of two core sustainability principles and a discipline of innovation.

The principles that guide my creative thought include the notions of exceptional resource efficiency that must be balanced on focused client needs and a recognition that the economics of sustainability matter. The innovation discipline is a method of focusing on what I see as the most important client needs, my approach to address those needs and the benefits generated for the client, the environment, the economy and society. I've found that it is through this 'calculus' of the right principles and a disciplined-based filter that we can almost universally generate creative and differentiating value in our work."

John, who served 26 years of active duty in the United States Air Force before joining CH2M in 2001, is no stranger to discipline. As a retired civil engineer colonel, choosing CH2M was not the result of a financial offer, but rather, that he felt it was the best cultural fit for him and his family in terms of opportunity to use his technical and leadership skills and create long-term financial security.  

So now, with 14 years of service with the firm, John offers these thoughts to engineer veterans looking for the next phase in their work life. “Think carefully about what you do best, what you want to do and work hard to find the right match with the needs of a consulting engineering company. Be very specific about this match. Then learn about each firm’s values and approach to business and follow your instincts – you know those tough love lessons you learned in the military – they still apply.

For me, over the last 14 years, CH2M has provided me opportunities as a project manager, program manager, business leader, business developer, innovator and technology leader while staying true to the same core values embedded in the oath I took, and still hold, to serve and protect our country and its interests."

John is currently serving as the President of the Society of Military Engineers (SAME). He recently gave the annual "State of the Society" address at the SAME 2015 JETC where he outlined five charges for membership to consider in order to remain evolving and relevant to change. Read the SAME blog coverage here.

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