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Grzegorz Serafin

Project Manager

Office Location
Joined CH2M
January 2001

As one of our project managers based in Krakow, Grzegorz Serafin brings 18 years of experience in engineering projects to our Global Design Center.

Grzegorz believes the best part of working at CH2M is the chance to be involved in various international projects for some of the largest companies in multiple locations across the globe. 

The company gives me an opportunity for personal and professional growth through experience working on challenging projects. Multicultural project teams that I’m part of bring various backgrounds and viewpoints as well as positive energy, which is so crucial for effective project execution.

Being a CH2Mer for nearly 15 years, Grzegorz has had the opportunity to work on different teams and projects, starting on our telecommunications team. After seven years he was able to benefit from opportunities that a large company is able to provide and transferred to our industrial team, which was establishing its presence in Poland. Grzegorz enjoyed working on various local and international projects including Southampton University in the UK or the underground coal gasification project in Poland. He also built relationships with teammates in our Pittsburgh, U.S. office where he learned engineering standards related to the metallurgy sector, enabling knowledge transfer to the Krakow Global Design Center and resulted in long-term collaboration.

Grzegorz also mentioned the value of local community involvement, “Despite working on international projects I encourage my team to look for local projects and strengthen our local presence. Not only does it increase our brand recognition, but most of all helps our people to build a better local industry.”