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Emma Smith

Urban Water Planner

Office Location
Joined CH2M
January 2008

Emma is concerned with the impact that climate change and increasing population have on local sewer systems – and especially the people who live and work in their midst.  

In her role as an Urban Water Planner at CH2M, Emma is involved in many large-scale sewerage projects in London and around the UK, including the historic Thames Tideway Tunnel project, an effort that will create a new tunnel to capture, store and transport the raw sewage and rainwater that currently overflow into the tidal River Thames in London. Emma is a System Modeller on this project, and her work has spanned the gamut from undertaking flooding assessments to analyzing rainfall data and innovating tools to streamline data processing.

Emma says that the best part of her role is knowing that her work has a direct impact on the well-being of so many individuals. “Making a difference in people’s lives is what motivates me on a daily basis. When we have big flooding events, I know the work that I do can help to protect those people from suffering the same fate again. It’s wonderful knowing that our work can truly change the outcome of so many people’s lives . . . it means we’re doing something incredibly meaningful here at CH2M,” she says.

She mentions, “I’ve never worked anywhere like CH2M. For me, it all always comes back to people. Here, everyone is so willing to help each other and share information. Everyone is equally valued for the skills they have. We’re encouraged to try new things, and opportunities are always popping up and doors are always opening. The only challenge is choosing which amazing door to pass through first!”

We’re thrilled to have Emma, and her passion for protecting people, on our team.  

Locations worked
London-United Kingdom
Swindon-United Kingdom
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