Dyan Foss

Global Market Director

Joined CH2M
September 2007

A blank page. For many of us, it’s frightening. For CH2M’s Dyan Foss, it’s an opportunity waiting to happen.

“I love a blank page. There’s nothing I find more tantalizing than a blank page,” she says.

For Dyan, Global Managing Director of Nuclear, the blank page is transforming contaminated sites into clean and usable space. Her time with CH2M began at Rocky Flats, a former nuclear weapons facility in Colorado, U.S. The Rocky Flats team decommissioned a highly contaminated nuclear complex in just 10 years, compared to an estimate of 70 years, by developing first-of-a-kind tactics and ultimately turning the area into a wildlife refuge.

Dyan took her Rocky Flats expertise to support decommissioning projects in Ohio, Scotland and Washington. When she started at Hanford in Washington, U.S., a large plume of contaminated groundwater ran along the edge of the Columbia River. “Normally, when you do groundwater remediation, it takes many years to see any changes,” she says. “We designed and constructed three new pump-and-treat facilities, and within only about 3 years, you could see the plume was shrinking. I am a bit of a science nerd, it’s got to be said, and it’s pretty thrilling to see with your own eyes that you’re making an impact on the environment. You’re making an impact for this generation and for the future generation.”

“I think CH2M is extremely innovative and there is always an element that we need to go the extra mile; we need to make sure we're doing everything we can, not just for the client but for the community at large because we are at heart an environmental firm,” Dyan continues. “I honestly can't believe I get paid to do this. I honestly can't believe I have found this job that is so intellectually challenging and yet so satisfying in the ultimate end-product. I have the best job at CH2M.”

Her engagement extends beyond her CH2M work, and includes participating regularly in industry discussions and organizations. In June 2015, Dyan was elected to the Energy Facility Contractors Group (EFCOG) Board of Directors. EFCOG is a self-directed group of U.S. Department of Energy contractors whose mission is to promote excellence in all aspects of operation and management across the DOE weapons complex.

Luckily for CH2M, and the world, Dyan has chosen to turn nuclear cleanup challenges into opportunities that create a better planet for future generations.