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Bruce Johnson

Joined CH2M
February 1995

A Wastewater Treatment Technology Fellow at CH2M, Bruce epitomizes technical excellence, breaking new ground in wastewater treatment year after year. His portfolio of industry firsts is driven by a deep desire to make cleaner, safer water more accessible and affordable for our clients, and in so doing, build a more sustainable and positive future for communities around the world.

As the Technical Process Design Lead for CH2M’s Design-Build Program, Bruce loves nothing more than working with clients, operators, engineers, designers and builders to find new ways of doing things – from envisioning through to design, construction and long-term operations. Most recently, he led the process design for Pima County’s Agua Nueva Water Reclamation Facility, a milestone project in the industry. The facility’s advanced treatment process provides innovative solutions for cost-effectively achieving exceptional reclaimed water quality, managing complex ammonia levels and optimizing lifecycle costs, unlocking new ways to conserve water, safeguard the environment and enrich our communities.

Over the past 25 years, Bruce has obtained three patents for his wastewater treatment innovations, leaving a host of highly satisfied clients in his wake. When asked what drives his passion for innovation, Bruce says, “I am just profoundly curious about why things work and how seemingly disparate things are connected. I find it hugely rewarding to bring this understanding to life.”

Ever mindful of the importance of mentoring our up-and-coming technologists, Bruce also leads CH2M’s wastewater treatment modeling program, focusing our leading-edge tools on promoting both learning and efficiency. In this way, he helps teach our junior staff the science, and art, of thinking out-of-the-box to do things better, faster and cheaper, while conserving our natural environment. He finds his mentoring role especially rewarding, saying “When I see that I helped someone see a problem or situation in a new way, it always ranks as the best thing that happened to me that week!”

Testament to his drive to leave the world a better place, Bruce is an active member of several leading industry organizations and literally helped write the books on nutrient removal and wastewater treatment design and modeling best practices.

Having spent 20 of his more than 25 years of professional experience with CH2M, it’s easy to understand why. He explains, “CH2M’s technology group genuinely cares about the success of each other, and we have a lot of fun tackling seemingly uncrackable challenges together. This creates a unique, collaborative and highly supportive culture that reinforces CH2M’s position as a world leader in wastewater treatment technology.”

An industry icon, CH2M is privileged to have people like Bruce leading our charge to turn challenges into opportunities, working in concert with clients and industry partners to enhance every environment, community and human life we touch.