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Avinash Patwardhan

Joined CH2M
July 1998

Dr. Avinash (Avi) Patwardhan helps develop sustainable projects around the world.

A Senior Technology Fellow and our Urban Environments & Sports Global Technology Director, Avi looks for ways to optimize the use of local natural resources and appropriate technologies to minimize our projects' carbon footprints. He does this by reaching across our organization to collaborate with experts in solid waste, renewable energy, solar energy, integrated water management and more – to develop a technology implementation roadmap.

“I love working at CH2M because there are no barriers or roadblocks when I’m trying to find my clients an answer or a solution. I can pick up the phone and call any expert in any field, and they are happy to share their knowledge with me,” a quality Avi says is unique to CH2M’s culture and organization.

In turn, Avi shares his knowledge with his clients and colleagues to develop some of the world’s most innovative projects, such as Masdar City – which will be the world’s first planned carbon neutral city – as well as the Shendra-Bidkin Smart City program in India. Avi says a big challenge in the development of a Smart City is creating one that is resource-efficient and where people can be self-sufficient. He says, "We must first accentuate what is unique about each city and intentionally build upon its assets to bolster its strengths even more to enable cities to attract investors and create long-term core jobs consistent with each city’s special qualities."

Avi and his CH2M teammates are helping our client, Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation, do just that. They are setting technology and sustainability goals; developing design parameters for water, energy and solid waste management needs; and ensuring quality EPC (engineer-procure-construct) contractors will be hired to implement the client’s vision and goals. “I’m excited about Shendra-Bidkin because we will be making people’s lives better in India, and this is important to me.” 

Avi has been with CH2M for 18 years and has a PhD in bio-systems engineering. He uses this experience to help people live a high quality of life – excelling in his role because he is not only client-centric, he is culture-centric.