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Andrew Boss

Office Location
Joined CH2M
January 2014

Andrew Boss is an engineering technologist who joined CH2M in 2014 to serve as deputy project manager for one of our signature transit programs the Metrolinx Light Rail Transit Program. He oversees the program’s vehicle design team and is responsible for the design and delivery of a light rail vehicle that is unique in North America.

The program will add 184 accessible low floor light rail vehicles to 43 kilometers (27 miles) of new rail infrastructure over three routes. Andrew brings intense client focus to the program, knowing that CH2M is only successful if his client, Metrolinx, is successful in bringing safe, highly efficient transit service to underserved areas in Toronto. “CH2M is the owner’s engineer, meaning it is my job to act in the best interests of Metrolinx in everything we do.” Andrew achieves this by overseeing a multidisciplinary team that scrutinizes the vehicle design process in coordination with the car builder and stakeholders. The vehicle team meets weekly with Metrolinx senior staff to collaborate on ways in which each team member can better achieve quality and schedule metrics.

Andrew, who formerly worked for a car builder and for the Toronto Transit Commission, says he understands the technical issues of vehicle delivery and his clients appreciate his ability to bring to light potential issues they hadn’t considered. Andrew is passionate about his job and says he got into engineering because he likes creating something from an idea. He says, “When I first saw the (Metrolinx) vehicle, I was very excited to be part of the team, because we’re offering Toronto transit users a faster, more energy efficient way to travel and they get to do it in a sleek, modern vehicle.”

CH2M couldn’t be happier that Andrew joined our company a year ago because with him, we have another great leader dedicated to engineering and infrastructure that drives progress and improves lives.