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Szymon Zbylut

Bridge Team Leader

Office Location
Joined CH2M
November 2015

It’s safe to say that Szymon Zbylut is never bored at work. As a Bridge Team Leader in Krakow, Poland, his daily tasks shift each day depending on the needs of his clients and team, and the push for flexibility and the resulting variety, drive his efforts.

Szymon joined CH2M in 2015 as our Bridge Team Leader. His focus is on using his mentorship and management skills to help his team deliver a wide range of major global projects that enhance port infrastructure, widen roads and connect local communities through strengthened bridges.

“Some of these projects help develop local economies, while others shorten commute times, making people’s lives easier,” says Szymon. “I’m proud to contribute to such important issues as growth, enhanced environmental protection and the wellness of people. There is no greater satisfaction than the feeling that your work is needed, respected and appreciated.”

Szymon says that the best part of his role is meeting and collaborating with people from different backgrounds and countries as his team continues to grow. “We’re always welcoming new team members not only from Krakow, but across Poland, Europe and other continents. We work together to discuss the challenges set before us, and no one hesitates to ask one another for advice and help,” he says. “This collaboration makes us strong and successful.”

We’re proud to have a great team player and motivator like Szymon at CH2M.

Locations worked
Krakow, PL
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