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Stop before you go

Are you traveling? Do it safely. Here are 8 tips for preventing an accident.

Driving is risky. Road traffic injuries are currently the ninth leading cause of death globally and are predicted to rise according to the World Health Organization. As CH2M focuses our attention on preventing vehicle-related accidents and injuries this month, we invite you to join us.  

Here are 8 tips for preventing an accident.

  1. Plan your trip. Know where you’re going so you don’t rely on GPS.
  2. Don’t text and drive. Turn off or silence your mobile device while driving.
  3. Wear your seat belt–every trip–every time—no matter the distance. 
  4. Adjust your seat belt, mirrors and steering wheel before you start driving.
  5. Wear appropriate shoes – no flip-flops or high heels.
  6. Eat breakfast so you are alert and aware.
  7. Get enough sleep. Fatigue results in slower reaction times.
  8. Schedule business travel so you arrive at a reasonable time.

Don’t get distracted

Distracted driving causes 80 percent of accidents. Just yesterday on my drive to work, I witnessed a driver texting at every red light. That driver is not alone. A staggering 49 percent of adults admit to texting and driving according to a study by AT&T, even though 98 percent of adults say they know it’s unsafe. On average, nine Americans are killed every day from motor vehicle accidents that involve using a cell phone, texting, eating or reaching for an object in the car. I encourage you to take the pledge #ItCanWait.

By focusing our collective attention on vehicle accidents at every CH2M office and project site around the world, we can make great strides on our Target Zero journey. 

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Britt Howard

Vice President, Enterprise Director of Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality
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