CH2M sheds light on Singapore’s innovation in water conservation

In reflection of World Water Day, CH2M shares how Singapore reuses its water in an interview with CNBC Asia.

In reflection of World Water Day, celebrated March 22, CH2M’s Subbu Kanakasabapthy, regional managing director for Asia Pacific shares how Singapore reuses its water in a video interview with CNBC Asia.

PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, has long been a leader in water innovation, becoming a hub for mutually beneficial technology collaborations and exchanges as it shores up its own water security. Singapore overcame common challenges associated with water reuse projects, and developed NEWater, Singapore’s own brand of high-grade reclaimed wastewater. By pioneering a hands-on transparent approach to public outreach and promoting water supply solutions needed to address shortages of fresh water, Singapore received unprecedented public acceptance demonstrating how technology and public education can be successfully aligned.

Learn more about Singapore’s water conservation efforts and innovative solutions in the CNBC video interview, How Singapore reuses water, including a recent interview with the Straits Times, Singapore at the front line of water innovation.

How Singapore reuses water
Subbu Kanakasabapthy sheds light on how Singapore reuses water


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