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CH2M Chairman & CEO Jacqueline Hinman keynotes at the 2015 Corporate Eco Forum Annual Retreat

CH2M Chairman & CEO Jacqueline Hinman gave a keynote presentation at the 2015 Corporate Eco Forum Annual Retreat focusing on the concept of the “power of AND” in order to be a leading responsible corporate citizen. 

“We have the moral and social obligation to do right by all of our stakeholders – our shareholders, employees, our supply chains, our partners, our communities and our planet,” said Jacque. 

Jacque explains how the “power of AND” creates disruptive and innovative solutions to tough challenges in our communities across the globe and provides several examples of how CH2M applies this approach to engineering projects.

The Corporate Eco Forum Annual Retreat is where leaders from companies that demonstrate a serious commitment to sustainability and corporate citizenship as a business strategy issue convene to continue evolving practices.

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