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CH2M awarded Programme Management contract for the restoration of historic Palace of Westminster

CH2M has formally been awarded the Lot 2 contract to deliver the Programme, Project and Cost Management services on the restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster.

DENVER, Aug. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CH2M has formally been awarded the Lot 2 contract to deliver the Programme, Project and Cost Management services on the restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster. The contract award will see CH2M carry out vital work to protect the heritage of the historic palace and restore it for future generations of use.

"We welcome CH2M on board, and the expertise they will bring in engineering design and in delivering projects. We have seen from other major public projects that effort put into early planning is rewarded later with financial savings, so this appointment now will help put value for money for the taxpayer at the heart of this essential work," said Brian Finnimore, Managing Director of Parliament's Strategic Estates team.

The award of this contract follows a rigorous procurement process run by Parliament and its Strategic Estates team to help ensure the continued running of a safe, secure and viable home for the UK Parliament. In the short-term, this will consist of a programme of mechanical and electrical (M&E) repair work to ensure that the Palace remains safe and habitable beyond 2020, as well as detailed exploration of the condition of the building, a building-wide security strategy, planning for a major programme of asbestos removal and fire safety improvements. Since its construction in the mid-1800s, many features and systems in the Palace have never undergone a major renovation, and the heating, ventilation, water, drainage and electrical systems are extremely antiquated.

CH2M's strong record of managing complex engineering challenges and successfully delivering major UK infrastructure programmes, combined with partners that bring expertise in architectural design, historic building management and conservation works, create a powerful team well placed to deliver this important programme of works.

"We are delighted to have been named as the provider of programme, project and cost services for this important work. CH2M has a strong record of delivering solutions for complex and challenging programmes and we are honoured to be working in collaboration with our partners to support the restoration and renewal team to help preserve and enhance the use of the Palace for future generations," said Jonathan Baker, Managing Director of the National Governments client sector at CH2M. 

The works carried out will remain option neutral, and do not affect decisions on which option the two Houses may want to consider in any future debates on the path forward for a Restoration and renewal Programme for the Palace of Westminster. This next, detailed preparatory stage will ensure Parliament is ready to commission design work once Members of both Houses have made a decision in principle and will ensure that taxpayers, as well as Government and Parliament, can be confident that the final proposal is the most cost-effective, and ensures value for money for taxpayers. Before the final go-ahead for the chosen option is given, a detailed design brief, business case and budget will be developed for Parliament's approval.

About CH2M

CH2M leads the professional services industry delivering sustainable solutions benefiting societal, environmental and economic outcomes with the development of infrastructure and industry. In this way, CH2Mers make a positive difference providing consulting, design, engineering and management services for clients needing world-class solutions in environmental; industrial and advanced facilities; transportation; and water markets, from iconic infrastructure to global programmes like the Olympic Games.

Ranked among the World's Most Ethical Companies and top firms in environmental consulting and programme management, CH2M in 2016 became the first professional services firm honored with the World Environment Center Gold Medal Award for efforts advancing sustainable development. Connect with CH2M at

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