CH2M HILL provides multidisciplinary services to markets diversified by both industry and geography. With our full-service capabilities and global footprint, our market scope is wide, yet our expertise in each market we serve is strong and focused.


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Sustainable Solutions

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Marie Gettel-Gilmartin
Sustainability Communications

Sustainable Projects

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Sustainability Policy

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GRI Organizational Stakeholder

Sustainability—shaping the built environment to maintain and enhance the natural environment—is a powerful concept that inspires innovative problem solving.

Motivated to achieve the "triple bottom line" benefits of environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic progress, CH2M HILL's professionals apply sustainability principles to practically every design, construction, and operations challenge our clients face.

CH2M HILL possesses both the culture and the talent to deliver lasting results for complex, multi-disciplinary, long-term projects. We promote the technical interaction required to create robust, system-based, and integrated sustainable solutions, producing tangible benefits for the environment, communities, and our clients' business success.

Your projects reap the benefits of CH2M HILL's sustainability expertise, including long-term cost savings and greater efficiency, decreased risks and liabilities, as well as new business opportunities, increased asset values, and improved public image and stakeholder relations. Of course, we tailor our work to suit your needs and your specific criteria for success.

Because sustainable approaches are embedded in a host of service areas found throughout this Web site, the services listed below provide a sampling only. We invite you to explore the Web site further to find additional sustainable service capabilities.

Our Solutions
Sustainability Strategy & Management
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Dr. Veli Ivanova
Global Sustainability
Practice Director

Our most successful public- and private-sector clients understand the current reality in which they must operate. They range from multinational manufacturing companies with growing units in developing countries and local water utilities striving to increase efficiency, to cities seeking new economic development strategies and federal agencies adjusting to new mandates and missions. All face a world that is more globally competitive, more concerned about security, more aware of limits to natural resources, and more populous than ever before. In this uncharted territory, sustainability provides a compass for enlightened decision-making and a tool for developing new strategies.

With technical experts in decision analysis, public relations, environmental management systems, and sustainability auditing and reporting, CH2M HILL helps our clients clarify future scenarios, research and identify best-value solutions, realign investments, and communicate with stakeholders. And unlike other management consultants, CH2M HILL's technical experience embeds a strong orientation toward the practical in our strategic planning work.

Sustainable Building Design

High-performance building design, also called "sustainable" or "green," requires a precise integration of the architectural and engineered systems into a balanced design of sustainability and cost-effectiveness. IDC Architects, a CH2M HILL company, has substantial experience leading comprehensive architectural and engineering teams in the design of high-performance buildings.

Our work has generated patents for air quality systems and energy conserving equipment, and it has been recognized with numerous design awards. We offer both the design and analytical services necessary for successful, high-performance solutions.

Sustainable design services include:

  • Planning
  • Site selection, restoration, and conservation
  • Sustainable architectural design
  • Energy and atmosphere conservation
  • Materials and resources
  • Indoor environment
  • Commissioning and certification
Building Commissioning
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Deborah Dodds
+1.503.235.5000 x4695

When we design and build a new facility for a client, our building commissioning services, which include construction oversight, can cut construction costs, result in fewer change orders, enhance consistency and quality in workmanship, increase the operability and maintainability of building systems, and reduce the total lifecycle costs of ownership.

CH2M HILL also provides facility rehabilitation (retro-commissioning) services for existing buildings to help you identify performance problems and recommend the proper remedies. Our engineers work with facility owners to improve indoor air quality, increase energy efficiency, enhance occupant comfort, and reduce building deterioration. The firm's forensic experience is the key to restoring a facility as quickly as possible.

Renewable Energy
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Jack Whittier
Renewable Energy Solutions

As one of the world's largest project delivery firms, CH2M HILL has the experience, skills, and resources necessary to develop, design, build, and operate renewable energy projects for any client, worldwide.

CH2M HILL's renewable energy team offers a number of technical and environmental services critical to the development of projects that incorporate renewable energy technologies. The firm's Power business group is involved in this market and understands and has experience with biomass, biofuels, and geothermal energy technologies.

We conduct project feasibility evaluations; resource, siting, and fatal-flaw assessments; project permitting; environmental, cultural, archeological, and wildlife assessments; transmission analyses; geotechnical evaluations; and engineering, procurement, and construction services.

Greenhouse Gas Management
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Doug Huxley
Practice Director, Greenhouse Gas Management Program

CH2M HILL delivers all of the elements of a comprehensive, cost-effective greenhouse gas (GHG) program to help you take advantage of new GHG trading markets, answer new and proposed regulatory challenges, and respond effectively to shareholder concerns. We are not only expert in building GHG accounting systems from the ground up, but also in applying engineering knowledge to identify cost-effective opportunities for reducing emissions.

CH2M HILL combines expertise in management systems, information management, and engineering to create strategic programs that optimize the value of your GHG management activities. Our solutions address state-level programs in the United States, Australia, and other countries; regional programs such as the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme; and national-level programs around the world, including the Kyoto Protocol.

Learn more about our greenhouse gas management program.

Ecosystem Management
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Tom Simpson
Vice President and Global Practice Leader, Ecosystems
+1.770.604.9182 x249

Stephen Petron
Vice President and Market Segment Director
Natural Resources Planning and Management

Today's regulatory environment is becoming increasingly focused on restoring ecological processes and protecting key species and ecosystems. To comply with regulations such as the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act, public- and private-sector clients are seeking an integrated approach to the delivery of ecosystem services.

CH2M HILL's ecosystem management services include the full suite of planning, natural resource, ecological risk, and environmental documentation services to deliver cost-effective, innovative solutions to issues including:

  • 316(b) environmental & engineering services
  • Aquatic resources
  • Ecological risk assessment
  • EIS/facility siting
  • Environmental Justice
  • NRL and asset management
  • Phytoremediation
  • Sediments
  • Wetlands
Site Management
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Paul Favara
Global Site Remediation and Revitalization Practice Director

CH2M HILL leads the industry in innovative site characterization, remedial design, and construction methods; human health and ecological risk assessment; property redevelopment; and environmental liability and asset management.

We perform site investigations and remediation programs with a relentless focus on your highest objectives. We craft strategies that integrate regulatory, technical, and financial considerations, project delivery and controls, and risk management solutions, resulting in cost-effective investigation, design, construction, and operation.

Water & Wastewater Management
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Operations & Maintenance

CH2M HILL is your community's partner for clean water solutions. Recognized as a global leader in water and wastewater management, we offer a full-service package of water and wastewater services, including engineering, construction, and day-to-day operations and maintenance.

We have the capabilities to provide total system operations, including treatment, collection, distribution, meter reading, and billing and collection. In fact, CH2M HILL OMI offers a single-source solution for all your public works needs.

At CH2M HILL, we have successfully transitioned thousands of public-sector employees into private-sector employment. We build strong partnerships with our customers to help improve their environmental performance, preserve their capital investment, and control costs. We know that stable operating costs and continuous regulatory compliance are essential to a healthy community.

We can help you define the level of public-private partnership that is right for your community, from technical assistance, to contract of your existing facilities or complete design, construction, and operation of a new facility.